Illegal use at the College of software program ‘Mathematica’

Following the illegal use of software at Imperial, the College is required to publish the following notice to all staff.

It has come to the College’s attention that unauthorised copies of the software program ‘Mathematica’, owned by Wolfram Research Inc. (Wolfram), have been in use within the College. Such use is not only contrary to College policy, it is illegal.

Members of College are reminded that under the terms of the College Policy on the use of IT Facilities, users must not use, download, copy, store or supply copyright materials including software and retrieved data other than with the permission of the copyright holder or under the terms of a licence held by the College or individual.  Any use of unauthorised software is a serious offence subject to disciplinary action.  Details of the relevant policy are available at:

If College members wish to use the Mathematica software a legitimate copy must be purchased either from the ICT Shop or directly from Wolfram.   The College recommends that purchases of the software be made through the ICT software shop as the College is able to offer the software at competitive prices.

In order to minimise the risk of use of unauthorised copies of Mathematica software within College, and to assist the College in detecting any unauthorised use, the College has implemented the following procedures:

  • All copies of Mathematica software used by College members will require an authorised licence key.  This licence key must be registered with ICT via the ICT Service Desk as soon as possible following purchase of the software.
  • ICT will monitor use of Mathematica licences and any unregistered licence will be blocked until such time as the user of the software is able to show that the licence is legitimate.
  • The College will then investigate all reported cases of unauthorised use and take appropriate steps to ensure that the software is either properly licensed or deleted from the offending computer. College disciplinary processes will be invoked should this be appropriate.