Head of the Department of Physics

Professor Jordan Nash, currently Head of the High Energy Physics group, has accepted the appointment as Head of the Department of Physics from 1 July 2014.

After a first degree at Carnegie-Mellon and a PhD from Stanford Professor Nash worked as a Scientific Associate at CERN and then joined Imperial College in 1992.  He was appointed as a Lecturer in 1994 and promoted to Reader in 2000.  He has been head of the High Energy Physics group since 2007. 

His research areas have included precision measurements in electroweak interactions and matter-antimatter asymmetry, and searches for Beyond Standard Model physics.  He held a PPARC Lecturer fellowship working at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center on the BaBar experiment, and a CERN Senior Staff Scientist post working on the preparation of the CMS experiment at the LHC and leading the project preparing the upgrade of CMS for future high intensity running.

Professor Nash will succeed Professor Joanna Haigh FRS, who has served as Head of the Department of Physics since January 2009.

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