Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs)

Mr Luke Blair, currently an equity partner and board director at London Communications Agency (LCA), has accepted appointment as the College’s first Vice-President (Communications and Public Affairs). He will take up his position in September.

In the interim period until Mr Blair starts his appointment at the College, Mrs Caroline Davis, Head of Communications, will serve as Acting Director of Communications and Public Affairs, reporting to the President.

As Vice-President, Mr Blair will lead the Communications and Public Affairs Division, directing activities to promote Imperial’s work in the UK and internationally, to communicate with the College community, and to develop Imperial’s brand and its digital media strategy. He will advise the College leadership team as a member of the President’s Executive Group, President’s Board and Provost’s Board, and will report to the President.

A former political correspondent Mr Blair spent 10 years in journalism. He then held public relations roles at London First, the Design Council and the public relations consultancy Fishburn Hedges before joining LCA in 2003.

In Mr Blair’s 12 years at LCA he has covered communications leadership roles across the private and public sectors, including local government, the NHS and Transport for London. He has also been a member of the Cabinet Office communications review team and is a regular judge of PR industry awards.

Mr Blair holds a BA in English from Reading University and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

John Neilson
College Secretary & Registrar

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