Coming up to the end of the first week!

So I’m coming up to the end of my first week. It’s actually been really good!

Yesterday I went to one of the trustees’ meetings and had a quick chat about some of my ideas (they’ve been in the pipeline for about a year, so a lot longer than the placement). They seemed really enthusiastic about them, and how the charity is going to be moving forward. I would really recommend working with a smaller charity – there are only 8 trustees of LUCIA so I actually feel like they value my input and will consider my suggestions seriously.

Other than that, I’ve done some initial research into the stoves project and how to apply for funding. Some of them are really elegant – reducing the time needed to gather firewood by 50% for the sake of £1.50 or so! Hopefully they’ll hold up to scrutiny. I’m just waiting for an update on the project proposal from our partners in Ethiopia, and am taking the time to do some reading (always good!). This seems very relevant but quite shocking – It details the failings in the response to the recent famine in the Sahel. With the farming project that I might work on at some point, I’m trying to use it for guidance to building in safeguards. But more on that later!



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