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I’m now 2 weeks into my internship with The ACT! Alliance in Bristol. The ACT! Alliance is a newly set up campaigning organisation which differs from those that already exist in that it seeks to pool the efforts and resources of existing organisations to gain strength for change, rather than all working in an isolated and fragmented way. Importantly, ACT! does not compartmentalise the issues that we face, seeing that the deteriorating environment, the faltering economic system, failing politicians and poverty are all interlinked, and so are the solutions. Broadly, ACT! campaigns for sustainable development in environmental, economic and social systems. I am helping to launch their ‘Nature Reborn’ project, which is part of their wider ‘Restoring the Earth’ initiative. For more information on The ACT! Alliance visit:

During my first week I had a couple of meetings with Charles (my supervisor and director of ACT!) to refine my project aims and structure. That’s one of the best things about working for a small and new organisation – I’ve been able to have increased input into my project design, allowing me to focus more upon issues which are of particular interest to me. So I’m researching and writing a report to help further ‘green’ (literally!) UK urban areas for conservation, recreational and climate adaptive purposes. So far so good, I’ve really enjoyed working alongside others at ACT!, Fi (one of my managers) took me for lunch on my first day to chat about ACT! and the work I’d be doing, and also just to get to know each other.

ACT! offices - just off Park Street!

Aside from my project I’m enjoying vibrant Bristol! It’s a perfect size (much less daunting than massive London) and there’s so much going on! I went to St. Paul’s carnival last Saturday – although missed the parade (whoops!) – the weather was gorgeous, and so with Red Stripe and Jerk chicken in hand I boogied on down with the 1000’s of other carnival goers.

My friends at St. Paul's carnival in the evening


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  1. As far as we were concerned it was a real gift to us to be able to work with Lydia in this way. She did an excellent piece of work and we will be posting it on our own website shortly. See Thank you Lydia and thank you Imperial College and Charity Insights. Charles Secrett and Fi Radford

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