What a first week…..


Thankfully the temperature dropped throughout the week and I am now able to work without the need for industrial sized fans. Data collection has been the main goal of this first week and it is coming along nicely. I had to devise a way of categorising the houses found in Madagascar that was as precise as possible, whilst also being efficient enough to complete the given area in the allotted time. Using the ‘Ruler’ tool on Google Earth Pro I measured the diameter of various properties and created three size groups (<5m, 5-9m, and >9m) to give a good spread of data. Following in this it was just a case of doing the hard yards, counting and recording….

Although data collection was at the forefront of tasks of the week, I also made method / error notes as I went along and structured a project outline.

Working 9-5 has not been too taxing so far because I am used to working a lot from part time jobs at home, and I have still managed to find time to go to the gym and socialise. There is a great community feel within the office and having the opportunity to work here is a privilege. All in all I am really enjoying my time here and I am sure that will continue.

Photos are being taken as I go but difficulties with uploading continue. I will likely upload them in a large bundle in the fourth and final blog. Apologies……


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