Far from a blue venture…..

I am feeling extremely comfortable within the office now and powering on with the research project. The data collection is complete and I have begun the write up. My supervisor, along with the rest of the staff, has been very helpful and trusting of me, which has enabled me to feel part of the team.

The work Blue Ventures do in Madagascar is phenomenal. Prior to working in the London office, I was unsure exactly of the scale of proceedings, especially considering they have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. It is clear the local communities are benefiting hugely from their involvement and I hope they will continue to expand at this current blistering rate. This whole experience has corroborated my ambition to spend several months of my year out in Madagascar or Belize doing what I can to help. Furthermore the constant mention of diving in the crystal clear waters has given me an ambition to take diving up as a hobby.

To blow off some steam, I will be attending a friend’s 21st birthday black tie event this weekend to prepare myself for a hectic last week. I am enjoying everything about this placement and hope it continues…


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