Week Two with BHF

BHFSo having finished my second week with BHF it is safe to say I know a few things about IV diuretics and Integrated Care!

Feeling settled in (worked out how to get the boiling water from the tap for tea) I was less nervous about the week approaching. Friendly faces always greeted me in the morning and I now had a better understanding of some of the NHS terminology which was making reading government policies and strategies quite tough last week! My Aim for the week was to get through 2 evaluation reports, one about IV diuretics within the home and the other about Integrated Care schemes taking place in England, Wales and Scotland. Each of the projects carried out has been funded by BHF and the aim is to understand the process required to set up such schemes and have feedback from patients, carers and HCPs (Health care professional) to see whether the scheme was beneficial.

My role is to then link the results from these evaluations to existing Government Policies and create a document that can be published and branded as BHF to be taken to conferences to prove why these projects should be undertaken at a national level.

Throughout the week I have been creating extensive cross referencing tables for each of the following projects: IV Diuretics within the home (England), Integrated care projects (England, Wales, Scotland). Each country within the United Kingdom has has its own set of government policies (quite alot of reading!). During the week I had allocated time slots with the various members of different departments who were able to enlighten me as to their roles within BHF.


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