So long, farewell…

Summer Social
Work and Gifts
THE Document

Four weeks completed. Wow. What an experience it has been. My time with BHF has flown by and I have very much enjoyed it!

With one document nearly complete (11 pages), 3 documents plans (11 pages each), 4 detailed cross referencing tables (15 pages each) for use online and one slightly frazzled brain, my time is complete!

The task I faced had not be tried before and no one quite knew what the final product would look like but after 4 weeks, 16 government/ NHS documents have been distilled down to 4 document plans. Not a small challenge. The final week has consisted of talking to other departments to get their veiw on what the tone and layout should be and trying to combine these into one. With last minute dramatic changes in layout it has been a challenging week!The Summer Social on Wednesday broke up the week and was a great chance to chat to people out of a working environment.

The team I have been working with very kindly gave me gifts to say thank you for my work! Some of which I can keep forever and always remember my time with BHF.

Thank you Charity Insights for this opportunity. I couldn’t have done it without the support.

Over and Out.


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