The last week approaches..

Week 3 went the quickest of them all. Having got into the swing of office life I felt more confident still.

The challenge for this week was to take the detailed cross referencing tables I had made last week and try to form a more digestable verision as a resource! The audience would be the Clinical Commisioning Groups who could use this resource as a business case study to get the projects implemented in their local area. Once I have a temporary version the document can be sent to a publisher to be produced as a proper brochure (exciting!).

However, this task was easier said than done.

The team have never had such a document before despite the fact everyone I have spoken to here said “oh that is a great idea” and I am realising now it is probably because of the extensive amount of time it has taken to simplify numerous complicated documents into a user friendly version without loosing the important details. With no template to follow this week has been quite a challenge!

Things this done this week:

  • exploring different layouts (A4? What colours are allowed with the branding team? What font is allowed? Which style of referencing? Does the BHF logo need to be on everypage- if yes where? what images can be used)
  • understanding what the BHF “tone” of voice  – this I found particularly difficult having never been asked to write in a tone that wasn’t my own before!
  • speaking to members of the policy team to identify the areas they are calling for improvement and hence which areas should be emphasised
  • what are the most important details and therefore what should the order of information be within the document?
  • should the document be split into policies or themes?

Ended week 3 with four rough templates for home-based IV Diuretics and Integrated care (England, Wales and Scotland)

As breaks from a computer screen I had scheduled meetings with members from different departments, some of which had taken part in Grad schemes or study science at university so were very helpful in guiding me to what the next steps could be!

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