Week 2 at RECLAIM

It is the start of the summer programme at RECLAIM and there are some exciting trips organised for all the young people. Yesterday we went bowling and I took the opportunity to talk to some of them about their experience on RECLAIM to gather some information for my evaluation. Most of them were intelligent and engaging and were keen to give me some useful information but as you can imagine it is sometimes difficult to get 14 year olds to fill out a boring questionnaire or something similar! However I did get some interesting points and put them together in the first part of my evaluation and we had a fun afternoon bowling!

Focus Group
Focus Group

Over the next week I will be conducting another focus group and helping out with some of the other activities on the summer program. I also aim to do some one on one sessions in order to produce a case study on one or two of the young people I have met as part of my evaluation.

Generally my time at RECLAIM has been positive so far. It is so small there is only about 6 or 7 people in the office in one day but everyone has a really good attitude and is completely dedicated to the charity. It has a relaxed friendly atmosphere, some of the young people from the projects also pop in to say hi from time to time.

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