Week 3 at the PHG Foundation

Week three has been very busy, energetic and time to get things done. Primarily this included reviewing and acting on the comments and feedback I received, by looking into further resources and carefully analysing and interpreting the evidence surrounding the potential use of circulating tumour DNA in the clinic. Some of the resources I have consulted whilst researching and writing the policy briefing have included academic papers, the NICE guidelines, resources from learned-societies and medical/science news-feeds.

One of the most exciting parts of the internship has been the ‘horizon-scanning’ activities, where I am learning about all the fascinating advances that are being made at the forefront of science. I am also finding it very stimulating to conceptualise my own strategies for the implementation of this new technology for cancer testing. At the end of the week I had a meeting with the Chair of the PHG Foundation and had the chance to discuss my project findings. Further to that, there have been many more interesting conversations in the office and I continue to learn how science policy really works in practice.

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