First Week at Barnardo’s

So I started my work with Barnardo’s on Monday. The first two days involved carrying out health and safety requirements not just regarding myself but also regarding children/carers who will quite often be present in the building.
Today is Wednesday and I have started one of my projects involving the organisation of folders both on hard copy and digital copy. The project demands that the organisation of the folders be carried out within the digital server. Hence this will involve uploading hard copies onto the Barnardo’s server to complete a full backup of all details of Carers in the last 30 years. This project is something that this branch of Barnardo’s considers to be very useful and is also a task that has been allocated to be completed for over 15 years. Finally someone has got round to it!
It is still early days but I feel like I am settling in very well. The atmoshere is fantastic and the people are wonderful. The colleagues working in my office are very welcoming which is allowing me to settle in faster than I expected. We also have also had a couple of conversations regarding the not for profit sector and hope to have several more in the future.

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