The end of week three at St. Anne’s

Week three is just about over and it’s probably been my favourite (and the most interesting) week so far. I’ve spent a lot of time designing a leaflet about ARBD for staff I discussed in my last blog post, and a large part of that has been to do my own research on the condition. This involved literature searches and lots of journal articles! The whole point of my project with St. Anne’s was to help raise awareness of the severity and prevalence of ARBD in vulnerable groups, and the lack of resources on this subject really highlighted the need for greater awareness of the condition.

Besides researching ARBD, I’ve also been hard at work screening clients for signs of the condition. By now I’ve got pretty good at the process (I can even perform the screen without the instructions!) and know how to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed. What I’ve really noticed during my time at St. Anne’s is the honesty of the clients – they are very open about any worries they may have about their memory and their alcohol/drug use. It’s something I’ve come to really admire, and it should make my data much more reliable.

So with just one more week to go, I’m getting ready to analyse the data I’ve collected and give the staff at St. Anne’s my resources on ARBD. I’m already sad to leave and my project is not even finished yet!

Hard at work researching!
Hard at work researching!

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