Tenth Day

For someone who hardly spends time in East London, it’s weird to look back and realize I’ve been spending 10 days doing just that. It’s quite a quaint little part of Camden that I’m tucked away by too! I don’t think I’ve seen so few ATMs and so many artisan bakeries during my time in London.

A recap of what’s happened since the first day:

  • Dissemination plan – First draft completed! A nice little list of allergy-related charities, clinics and research centers both large and small. Once again let it be known that there’s probably a charity for every type of disorder there is out there (what might this mean in terms of sustainability of nonprofits? *hint hint*)
  • Virtual packs – First draft of Making sense of screening completed! Rewriting/condensing a 15 page booklet into about 15 slides with max. 200 words is truly a challenge, but a fun one at that, with lots of quirky décor and infographics. Now it’s off for review around the office, then from there to Jane’s and John’s for evaluation of clarity, and finally some screening experts to make sure I didn’t write “screening makes you Godzilla” somewhere
  • #AskForEvidence – Got an opportunity to call out a newspaper article from last week on omega-3. Fun journey since then, involving a nutritionist and a PR firm walking into a bar. Hope I can publish some details in good time
  • News check – Responsible for me waking up at 7AM this past week (and doing my first 9-5’s – ever!). Given that I normally start at 10 and walking in to find everyone already all at work, it’s refreshing to know that all Sense About Science staffers actually wake up and commute like normal caffeinated people, and not teleporting AI’s. Fantastic insight as well into the core work of Sense About Science in addressing the latest science claims in the media, and trying to critically analyze press articles myself
  • Maddox Prize – Top Secrets

Promise that pictures of some things I’m doing will come about eventually. In the meantime: why Shark Week sucks! (io9)


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