Week 4 at RECLAIM

It is my last day at RECLAIM! I have had a great four weeks here. As the charity is so small everyone is really close and have made me feel very welcome. I will be sad to leave!

During my last week I have conducted two interviews with two 14 year olds from the Moss Side and Gorton projects. They were very thoughtful and helpful and glad to be involved in my work. I have used this information as a case study for my evaluation for RECLAIM. I have finished writing up my report, hopefully this will highlight the good work RECLAIM is doing with young people and also identify ways in which the projects can be improved.

We also took a group of young people to Bradford as part of the summer program. We went to the media museum where you could produce your own version of BBC News and then went to sample some local cuisine and the oldest Indian restaurant in Bradford. I think the young people are creative and intelligent and RECLAIM is needed to encourage this and give them the opportunities that they may not otherwise have.

I hope I have contributed towards RECLAIM’s amazing work and hope to work here again in the future.

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