Final Tuesday

After having a long weekend with the bank holiday Monday it is weird that I am entering my final week. My internship will officially end next Monday accounting for the Bank Holiday.

My first ‘Closure’ project has come to an end after three weeks of working in the Admin team at Barnardo’s. I didn’t manage to get through the entire cabinet of documents, as I strongly overestimated the rate at which I was able to carry out the processes. So I have created an organised systematic process which will allow my colleagues to continue on with my project once my internship has come to an end. It has been different to what I initially expected the project would demand. It has been very dependant on using creativity to maximise efficiency. It has strongly developed my time management skills.

Now I have started my final project which is predominantly research based. In one sentence: I will be researching the demand for an LGBT clinic in Leeds. Barnardo’s have not established an LGBT clinic in Leeds to date. Hence I will be researching and contacting any current LGBT clinics not working through Barnardo’s in the Leeds district. Ultimately I will be providing my Sub-Supervisor with information gathered regarding current LGBT clinics and then he will determine whether it is feasible to create and request funding for a clinic or whether Barnardo’s will work in partertnship with a current clinic. The project will require a high level of communication based skills (and am sure they will build on them).

I am sorry for the lack of pictures in my Blogs. Most of the work that I do is CONFIDENTIAL. Hence if I take a picture in the office I run the risk of publicising confidential property.

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