Roaring to go at London Tigers

1/4 done…nearly! I am currently in the process of designing and putting together  a sponsorship brochure to send out to corporate firms. This then can be used to obtain sponsors for the Annual Achievement Awards as well as for pitch side banners.

So, what is London Tigers?

UK Asian Community Cup 2014
UK Asian Community Cup 2014. Annual festival organised by LT in partnership with professional football clubs to promote Asian talent and tackle racism in sport.

LT is an award-winning charity based in London that targets young people aged 9-25 from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities who are socially or economically disadvantaged. They engage with young people through sporting activities, youth clubs and offer employment and training to young people. They are also involved in international development programmes having opened two cricket centres, a football Academy and fund a school in Bangladesh.

London Tigers in Bangladesh
London Tigers on tour in Bangladesh

I decided to carry out my four-week internship with the Tigers because it’s a community based charity and there’s nothing better than seeing your work having a monumental impact on people around you first-hand. I do have a soft-spot for the organisation for a number of reasons – one being the excuse to come back to the area of West London I grew up in! Any excuse to reminisce, I know.


It’s nothing new when we hear about the negative press of young people for whatever reason, so it’s immensely rewarding working for a charity that keeps young people busy and engaged. As with any charity, they need funds to carry out their aims so I hope by working with the Business Development Director, we are able to secure sponsorships and increase awareness and support for the big cats!


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