Week 3 at The Long Well Walk

It’s the end of week 3 and wow this internship is flying by. Thankfully, all the work we’ve been doing is finally seeming to make some sense and the random lesson activities have now been fleshed out into fully comprehensive lesson plans.


The week has been spent detailing lesson objectives, fighting with table formatting in Wo
rd (complete pet hate) and pinging ideas backwards and forwards to teachers to gain as much feedback as we can.


We’ve also spent time creating an enterprise project, designed for secondary school pupils where we will run a competition to engage students in an entrepreneurial challenge. This will involve students creating and carrying out a business plan, selling products from our sister charity Watermade. This is another amazing charity which works with small communities in Africa who produce things such as bracelets and necklaces (made from paper!) which are then sold in the UK for a much higher price than they would in their home country. Income like this really helps to build a community and allows for more investment so that the overall economy grows. The ideas of international development and entrepreneurship are vital for the younger generation, to create more people who, like Liam, can work with improving lives in a sustainable way. hqdefault

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