Wrapping Up

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My last week at WildHearts was very much a case of pulling together the work of the past month and making sure that I had left no loose ends.

I was successful in contacting the schools that were signed up for the conference and collecting in the attendee names of the schools that confirmed attendance. With the numbers confirmed, school delegates will make roughly a quarter of the event’s expected attendance of around 280. There were a number of schools that were unable to take up their places for various reasons – therefore it is very pleasing that we managed to maintain a healthy proportion of school delegates.

Additionally I completed the task of acquiring videos and slides from the event speakers. The collected media will be compiled into a single presentation in order to maintain the flow of the event by removing the need to launch each individual presentation between speakers.

I also dealt with some more general logistic tasks for the Edinburgh GEL that included notifying delegates of their allocated parking spaces and preparing the name badges after they were printed.

The research that I had been conducting around models of ambassador networks and methods of increasing campus presence was also finalised and submitted. Hopefully this work will prove useful down the line for WildHearts and their operations.

These past four weeks really have been a fantastic experience, I’ve learned a great deal about the power of social enterprise and the terrific work that WildHearts and it’s people do every day. I have also had the invaluable chance to put my skills to use in a meaningful way and am really looking forward to attending the London GEL and hopefully seeing how my work has contributed towards making it a successful event. For anyone in future years considering undergoing an insights placement I would just say go for it, you won’t regret it.

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