Month: June 2016

(Unfortunate) First Week on the Job

My first week at Pure Leapfrog.

The first days were filled with the excitement of new days, people, and feelings as I was, for the first time, thrust into life as an “adult”. I have never held down a full 9-5pm job and Pure Leapfrog will be my make or break foray into life as a worker bee.

When I first walked in the startup vibe was impossible to miss. The long labyrinthine route to the little nook in Shand Street that gave way to a cavernous work-space remade underneath a working train line (Oh there goes the 4:30 train). The place is makeshift, and endearing in the way that only a place made by people can be.

Introduction to Future Frontiers

Future Frontiers is a charity which trains up undergraduates to become careers coaches for pupils in high school and sixth form. The coaches run an 8 week programme for an hour a week with the pupils and guide them towards having a clear career goal in mind. Midway through all of this the children speak to professional experts, via Skype, and ask them questions about the career they are considering. The programme has caused a great increase in academic progress for the majority of participants.

At the end of the programme the pupils and coaches produce what we call an ‘academic plan’ which outlines what the pupil has to do academically to reach their dream job in the future.

First week at the London Wetland Centre

WWT (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust) is a conservation charity that aims to sustainably manage and protect wetlands and species associated with this particualar type of habitat, as well as educate people about the importance of wetland environment. The charity runs 9 nature reserves across the country and one of them is located in west London. What I like about LWC (London Wetland Centre) is the fact that there is such a nice nature reserve in this big city and also that WWT fantastically combines their scientific mission with being very open to the public.

First day of my internship at (LWC) started with a short induction.

Charity Insights Participants 2016!

This year, the bar for the standard of Charity Insights was raised yet again, with our applicants proposing some excellent projects. As a result, we had to make some tough decisions to get from our pool of over 40 applications to the smaller number of bursaries available. After a highly competitive process, we are very happy to announce that we will be awarding 22 Charity Insights bursaries to students this summer!

This year’s participants are:

It has been amazing to hear from all the students about the range of projects they will be undertaking this summer and, of course, their progress will be recorded right here on this blog.