The End of My Time at PureLeapfrog

It is always amazing to seat at the end of a journey and look back at the road you have traveled. This four weeks have blazed by and I am now left to reflect on my time at PureLeapfrog.

When I started this internship, I had many preconceptions of what working in a formal setting would be like and indeed a lot of misgivings surrounding the current political climate that Britain surrounds itself in.

I had imagined that the biggest pain points of working would be related to project planning, and execution but I discovered more importantly that building the proper environment and team spirit may be the single biggest challenge of a CEO running a company. Furthermore, that I as worker would have to contend with some give and take. Nonetheless, before we move on to the ideasĀ  that I have come to it is good to take a look at the work that I have done.

When I started I was giving a mission to develop a conceptual map of the community energy landscape. The beginning was like this:


Unreadable scribbling



Unreadable scribbling

After consulting with my CEO Alex Germanis, I was able to refine my ideas and arrived at the following map:


On further inputs from a Master student in Sustainable energy, I was able to construct the final map that best illustrates the key plays, inputs, and processes of this landscape:


This process was fruitful as I developed new graphic and design skills, I was able to research and synthesize community energy, and I learn how to interact with superiors.

Nonetheless, in the midst of all this, I have come to understand that subordination with an organization created by the passion and perseverance of others is not me. The truly challenging work that CEO Alex and the team does is invaluable to the British community now and in future however as I chart my road in future I too want to enjoy the pleasure of not only birthing ideas but also being able to execute on them in a sustainable way and successfully.

Within the uncertainty of the short term political situation in the UK as well as the long term uncertainty surrounding such things as AI, Climate Change, and demographic imbalance there is no better time to strike for the fences and become a creator. The world we live in is non-linear and the best toolkit to counter that is the resilience to implement on perceived opportunities even in conditions of extreme uncertainty.

As I move forward from PureLeapfrog, I can only wish them the best and hope that they will thrive even under the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Furthermore, I would like to thank CEO Alex, and the team for all the support that they have provide and all the unsolicited advice and conversation that they have provided.

To any student Imperial student reading this, I would highly recommend the charity insights program.

Nothing beats the experience of work for a small team with strong passions with the support of the Charity insight team including Barnaby and Jessica.

Good luck.

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