My first week at the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation

At the end of my first week at the foundation, I have come to know of the extreme contrasts that exist in the royal borough that most of us living here know very little about. The foundation is dedicated to making connections between local charities and businesses and guide them in maintaining long-term commitments.

During my first week, I was briefed about how connections are made with businesses and how information is stored on a database.  I have also learnt about what many of the charities in the borough do and how they help local citizens. It’s amazing what some some charities do in order to help people and how most people are unaware that such help exists. This has helped me see a very “human” side of the borough.

In order to obtain necessary funding for three different charities, the foundation organised a charity evening at a hotel this week. The representatives of the charities presented how any monetary contribution would be used by them. I gained valuable insights into presenting with emotion and clarity.

Before starting my week at the foundation, I was told that they still needed help in raising awareness among small businesses in the borough. My role will be to engage with businesses in K&C personally and bring back details of interest in order to follow up with them. This information must then be added to the database so that communications reach a much broader base. Since I will be representing the foundation, I needed to prepare a list of things that best represent the foundation and what they do.

Working with a team of committed individuals gets me excited to do the best possible job I can for the foundation in the next few weeks to come. I know that I can always ask for help from my helpful colleagues so I am enthusiastically looking forward to the core part of my work here.



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