Month: October 2016

Reflection of my time at HSC

Being back down in London after finishing my internship with The High Street Centre last week, it feels like a good time to reflect on what I learnt.

Having never really been a member of an office team before, I had worries at the start about how I’d fit in. Would I be accepted? Would I look like an out of place student, or manage to grow into my role? On arrival, I was introduced to everyone and shown the basics, settling me in. I got on really well with everyone at the charity,

It was then time to get started on my project.

Summary of placement at the K&C Foundation

Reflecting back upon the first meeting with the Office Coordinator at the K&C Foundation, the primary objective was to raise awareness amongst small businesses in the borough. I am proud to say that I have visited and raised awareness amongst a total of 120 businesses during my time at the K&C Foundation. A total of 70 businesses provided appropriate contact details and were added to the business follow-up sheet, but not all of them were added to the database. During that same time, approximately twenty follow-up phone calls were made. I noticed that the businesses I contacted responded positively and were willing to discuss different ways in which they could get involved.