Week 2

Week 2 is now over and I’m happy to say I’ve achieved more than I thought in the second week. After all the research I had completed in the first week it was time to organise some ideas and start building up the presentations. This was harder than I first thought.

When first started compiling different parts of my research into a presentation I realised there was a bit more to it than just adding information. The trickiest part I’ve been finding to achieve is  conveying the devastating effects that neuro-disability has on people’s lives whilst maintaining a light-hearted, fun presentation for the children. Another obstacle that I’ve encountered is trying to cater the presentations to the different age groups and academic levels in schools. Researching school curriculums and contacting old teachers has helped significantly in overcoming this hurdle.

My project has also required me to show a creative side to myself, which I didn’t even know existed, when trying to design and come up with interactive games or activities that can involve the children. I had been brainstorming some ideas with my supervisor, but now that she’s gone away on holiday I’m having to come up with the ideas myself which is a lot more difficult than you may think.

So, after the second week I’ve managed to finish a rough version of my presentations aimed at secondary school kids in the years 7-8 and 9-10 whilst simultaneously discovering my creative side, it’s been great.

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