Unforgettable experience – The last week at Marches Energy Agency

All good thing has come to an end, as my journey at MEA reaches its destination day by day I feel more and more emotional like I am already missing the place. So much things happened in the past four weeks, apart from demonstrating my research results and learning from my colleague I also managed to show them how bad an ‘Asian flush’ can get (I will never drink with an empty stomach again). Anyway, let me tell you what happened in my last few days at MEA.

The last week was quite rough to be honest, apart from doing the planned charity research I was also assigned to do some document classification and research work. This happens because one of my supervisor was quite happy with my presentation at week 3 and decided to let me help him prepare some materials for future meetings. Although I had to work extra hours at my home it’s always better to be busy and excited for the big finale. At the moment MEA is interested in the work of other charities that share the same goal, especially in their project and funding information. My job is to identify successful and interesting service of those organisation and evaluate the potential for MEA to learn from them. Apart from general service like helplines and energy advisor, some organisations offer local energy workshop and work with school to teach students about green energy. Considering the Shrewsbury high school is close by this could be one of the many service MEA offers the future. Also, Because Shrewsbury is not a large city so the funding can be a limited factor, some charities not only receive fund from government but also from companies and larger organisation. Although it’s usually not as awesome as government funding it’s enough to hold local events. More advanced charity (mainly locate in London) can even offer heat screen service to detect heat loss level and gives out EPC, but it might be too much for the present MEA, and many more. For the document work it’s more general, since I did research before it’s just time consuming, no big problems raised.

As I wrote those down the time just pasted Thursday midnight and now is Friday. I am going to deliver my final project to the team and throw a small pizza party for lunch. Can’t believe this is the last day of work. I will never forget the time I spent here and will miss it very much.

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