The Last Days at the K&C Foundation

My final couple of days at the K&C Foundation has been an eventful one. Nearly 7 weeks after the Grenfell Tower fire and cheques are still coming in. What I now like to call MY cheque database is looking very hefty and it was a sad day on Thursday when I had to teach my colleague how to use it again, as I have been in charge of it for so long. A couple of very exciting donations came in this week as well- the biggest I’d seen yet! It is very shocking to have a colleague shout ‘Charlotte you have to read these numbers for me, I just can’t believe what I’m seeing.’, and to then read that EasyJet’s flight collection had raised over £200,000 for the Grenfell Tower Fund! The atmosphere in the office was amazing as we were all shell shocked at the sum!

The focus of this week has mainly been on social media and on the semi rebranding that the K&C Foundation has been undergoing. One area that the charity has tried to improve on is in the amount that they update their followers on different social platforms, and their weakest has been facebook. I helped the team to understand how to make different people admins on the page, and then undertook the role of updating all of their information and deleting anything that they didn’t want anymore. The mini rebranding has mostly revolved around a change of colour, moving from the classic blue to a magenta, or is it maroon… or is it purple? We enjoyed have team meetings about the theme and it was very funny attempting to find a name for the shade we chose! I then got to work with updating everything with this new colour- the logo, email signatures, branded letters etc etc.

The website has been another of my main focusses this week. This was going to be one of my top objectives prior to the Grenfell Tower and this final week has allowed me to get started there finally. I trawled through the pages, removing any information that was duplicated and changed layouts to make everything flow better and make more sense. The website is something the K&C Foundation is still not happy with, but I’ve been glad to contribute to an ‘okay’ interim state, until the time comes for a completely new rebranding.

This week again I have been able to sit in on another couple of meetings including one that was hosted in the Berkley Hotel in Knightsbridge- perks of the job! It has been my favourite part of my 4 weeks being able to go and listen to how the foundation liaises with businesses and other charities.

Before starting my internship I thought that 4 weeks was a long time. Turns out 20 days of work completely flies by. Working in a small team has been amazing as you can really get to know everyone and it was easy to feel completely at ease.  I am really going to miss this tiny office in Latimer Road, and although I didn’t really do anything that had previously been planned I feel like I have contributed much to the K&C Foundation and hope that my time here has been as valuable to them as I feel it has been to me.

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