A report paints a thousand words

Last weeks Healthcare tech community roadshow had inundated the researchers with a plethora of fresh data to interpret and analyse. Luckily for me, this meant that I had been presented with the unique opportunity to see the process of report-writing first-hand and live; right at the start of the week. From this, I was able to decide on the format and parameters of my own report.

My suggestion to my friends at the refugee meeting place, for an in-house written monthly publication to be written by the team of regulars that I met with, had not fallen on deaf ears. Over the next several weeks, I hope to help them develop this from an idea to its fruition. Following my visit to the Victoria Hall meeting place, I headed to the office to find it unusually quiet.

Unfortunately, the in-house DJ, who constantly played through his collection of catchy 70’s pop music for everyone in the office, was on leave. After finishing up some coding (this is where you simplify interview transcriptions into easy-to-understand issue points), I asked a colleague if I could help her deliver sessions, on the locality plan, to some community groups. And then came the saddest moment of my 4 weeks, “I would have asked for your help Kishan, but you won’t be with us by then”. Until this point, I had been pretending that my precious Summer was never going to end.

With one hand stroking my beard and the other with a mug of coffee, I spent the rest of my week behind a laptop screen, typing up what I had found out an into a report. From this I learnt, always start writing long pieces of work as soon as possible. By doing so, one is being kind to their future selves.

Bolton is home to the most fulfilling student lunch offer – 2 for £1 Pasties. So technically, London has nothing on Bolton.

Image result for carrs pasties

I’ve always felt a strong connection to my hometown and so it’s been an absolute pleasure to see how supportive the community has been to the refugee and asylum seeker populations. Speaking to Bolton’s newest inhabitants has not only offered me a fresh perspective on life and also helped me to become bolder in striking up conversations with fellow Boltonians. Furthermore, this experience has advanced my understanding of the life course theory which will no doubt aid me in the future in medical practice. Additionally, it has reaffirmed and strengthened my desire to work around policy research and implementation.

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