My final week at Drop4Drop and Brighton

I’m genuinely sad to say that my 4 weeks at Drop4Drop has come to an end. It has been a great experience in a new city with a great team, partaking in interesting work.

In my final week at Drop4Drop I have been analysing and summarising project partnership proposals from other organisations to see the eligibility and suitability of Drop4Drop working with them in the aim of eliminating global thirst. This has also entailed me doing some outreach to other charities and organisations to see if they would be willing and able to work alongside Drop4Drop.

This week I also got the opportunity to look at geological reports from data that was collected on site by the geologists working the project in real time. This was a great insight into understanding professional geological fieldwork reports and picking out key information from them that can then be used in the decision making process back in the office. In this case it was determining the best filter design to be integrated into the projects based on the data about the water quality that I received.

From my Charity Insights Internship I have learned a lot about the processes involved in running a project from the initial identification of an area all the way through to finishing it, monitoring the infrastructure and implementing any maintenance work. This has been very insightful and I hope will prove valuable in my future career in water resources.

Knowing that the work that I have been doing will have an impact on the lives of people that live half way around the world that I may otherwise have never had an opportunity to help really adds an even greater sense of satisfaction to my last 4 weeks.

This internship also gave me my first insight into what life will be like working in an office giving me an idea of ‘office etiquette’. Thankfully the team at Drop4Drop made this very easy for me and made me feel extremely welcome and involved within the group. This has helped to prepare me for my life in the ‘real world’ as a graduate and makes me actually look forward to it.

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