How to be Sensible about Science – Middle

Dear future intern,

If you are to take one advice from my entire series, make it this one. Have you ever been to barber? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t. I’m sure you’ve seen a boy in the past with a horrible new haircut and thought to yourself “How did he ever think that style was good idea?”. Well, I’ll tell you the answer; he didn’t. The thing about barbers is, if you don’t specifically tell them what you are expecting to get out of your visit, they will just give you the generic haircut they are familiar with. It’s not their fault, it’s the customer not communicating their expectations properly. It is the same when interning with a small company who doesn’t have a strict intern program. This is an advantage, you get to choose what you’d rather do! Go to them with a project and specific goals, if you want to make sure you get what you want out of it. People usually lazy out on the finding a project part of Charity Insights. They just go with a vague description of what kind of interning they will do. Don’t do this.

My second week started with me researching Maddox Prize candidates and writing up nomination profiles on them. Now, while nominees of this prize are very unusual people with interesting pasts, the work quickly got mundane. It didn’t fit my personality and it wasn’t the sort of thing I wanted to do. I was more interested in learning than doing arbitrary research.

Thankfully, after a very short time of doing this, my main internship project kicked in! I got this internship with one goal in mind; learn how to use the Adobe Suite. Everything else on top of that was just extra. Looking back, I’ve learned a lot, the Adobe Suite was just a section of it; but I’m very happy about the fact that I’ve accomplished my main goal and have produced content I’m proud of in the process. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the content here because most of it hasn’t been published yet. Week 3 consisted mostly of me doing graphic design and video editing, showing my progress and alternative ideas then iterating and finalising. I doubt any of this interests you much, so that is all I will say on it. Also, I went on a picnic with my co-workers so that was nice.

I also got a reply from Turmeric+ about the claims they made in the advertisement below. For the record, they backed their words up fairly well so kudos to them. I have since made 2 more such entries for the Ask for Evidence Campaign about the Dangerous Dogs Act.


Yours truly,


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