Finishing up

Following my last post, I’ve finished building all of the interactive fly throughs, and added the rest of the content to the website. Now all that is left to do is change the DNS configuration to point the domain at the new server. I will be explaining how to use wordpress to the church committee, and following up any questions they may have. I will be staying in contact with the church, so that I can help if there are any technical issues. I will also be explaining how to use instagram, so that they can be cool and trendy.


I’m waiting on the church of england technical proposal document, as it isn’t yet at the stage for me to add the information about WiFi and projector installations. This means that for now, there isn’t anything else for me to do for the church, and thus concludes the summer internship. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time, learned CSS, HTML, basic javascript, and reinforced my understanding of web server setups. I’ve also managed to add a new video to my YouTube channel and flew my drone indoors for the first time ever.


I’m fairly sure that I am the first person to ever make an interactive drone video. I’ve spent a good while searching the internet for other examples, and can’t find anything at all. I’m hoping that other people will see my work, and that I may be able to pick up some jobs building similar web apps in the future. Thanks Imperial for funding me to do such an exciting and useful project.

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