Macmillan Weeks 9-11

As we’re coming up to my last 3 weeks at Macmillan, I have finished up on my part of the Patient Needs in Digital project. I have been looking into how the best cancer apps on the market cater to patients, evaluating what the key features are and how I personally rate the user experience of apps such as oWise and iCancerHealth. Having just finished my final report on these apps, it has been amazing to delve into the details of what makes apps successful, both in terms of aesthetics and practicalities. Allowing me to write my own recommendation for how Macmillan should focus their future efforts shows that they have put effort into the journey of work they have given me, and has been a really rewarding way to end the internship scheme. I hope as the first Technology intern, I have been of some use, even if it means knowing how they might do things differently next time, but working in this field has opened up a lot of doors in the future for potential career paths, which I am very grateful for!

On one of the days, I was given the opportunity again to go with the video team to do some filming, but this time in the Tate Britain! This was such a fun experience as I love both art and filming so combining the 2 was really exciting! I also attended a training day for “Networking that Brings Results” which was really helpful as I HATE the idea of networking – but I realised networking wasn’t just the typical image of everyone in a room talking to find what skillsets everyone has, but can be as simple as talking to someone you bump into about their work, as I have been constantly doing at Macmillan without realising!

Finally, we move onto the brilliant intern fundraising event which was the “Intern-ational day of Charity (5th September) pub quiz”! This was an absolute success as it was just so much fun getting all the interns together to run the whole thing. Being in charge of questions, there was a lot pressure in hoping that the questions run smoothly but it seems everyone had a great time. We had a raffle too, in which I won a bag of coffee (even though I don’t drink coffee…)! We ended up raising £700 which was incredible, and I can only recommend to the next set of interns to do a pub quiz too!

Overall the experience has been absolutely amazing – there was not one bit of the internship I didn’t enjoy as the work was really interesting, the interns and everyone in my team were so kind and friendly and I gained so much insight into so many areas of work which will certainly contribute to my future career choices.

I could not recommend doing this internship enough if you get the chance!

Thank you Macmillan Cancer Support!

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