Author: Daniel Langston

Reflection of my time at HSC

Being back down in London after finishing my internship with The High Street Centre last week, it feels like a good time to reflect on what I learnt.

Having never really been a member of an office team before, I had worries at the start about how I’d fit in. Would I be accepted? Would I look like an out of place student, or manage to grow into my role? On arrival, I was introduced to everyone and shown the basics, settling me in. I got on really well with everyone at the charity,

It was then time to get started on my project.

The High Street Centre – Update on progress

Now a couple of days into my final week, I can start to reflect on my time here at The High Street Centre. Since my last post, I’ve completed 2 funding bids, totaling over £13,000, almost finished my program, and continued to help out wherever I’m needed.

The bids are for the funding of a holiday club for children with additional needs, and during my time here I’ve supported after school sessions on a Monday for the same young people, which has been really rewarding. Seeing how much they enjoy the couple of hours every week, and imagining the difference it must make to both them, and their family (in terms of respite) has emphasised for me how the funding I’ve applied for, and the program I’ve produced, can make real differences.

The High Street Centre – My first week

Reflecting on my first week at the High Street Centre in Rotherham, it feels like I have already learnt and done so much. The purpose of the charity itself is to “enable, equip and establish services that make Rawmarsh a better place to live and work” and growing up in the area I have seen the positive changes to people’s lives that the charity has instigated.

The main focus of my project is to create a computer program which searches through funding opportunities and grants in the area, of which there are hundreds and determines using a  variety of criteria which should be targeted.