Author: elm12

So long, farewell…

Four weeks completed. Wow. What an experience it has been. My time with BHF has flown by and I have very much enjoyed it!

With one document nearly complete (11 pages), 3 documents plans (11 pages each), 4 detailed cross referencing tables (15 pages each) for use online and one slightly frazzled brain, my time is complete!

The task I faced had not be tried before and no one quite knew what the final product would look like but after 4 weeks, 16 government/ NHS documents have been distilled down to 4 document plans. Not a small challenge. The final week has consisted of talking to other departments to get their veiw on what the tone and layout should be and trying to combine these into one.

The last week approaches..

Week 3 went the quickest of them all. Having got into the swing of office life I felt more confident still.

The challenge for this week was to take the detailed cross referencing tables I had made last week and try to form a more digestable verision as a resource! The audience would be the Clinical Commisioning Groups who could use this resource as a business case study to get the projects implemented in their local area. Once I have a temporary version the document can be sent to a publisher to be produced as a proper brochure (exciting!).

However, this task was easier said than done.

Week Two with BHF

So having finished my second week with BHF it is safe to say I know a few things about IV diuretics and Integrated Care!

Feeling settled in (worked out how to get the boiling water from the tap for tea) I was less nervous about the week approaching. Friendly faces always greeted me in the morning and I now had a better understanding of some of the NHS terminology which was making reading government policies and strategies quite tough last week! My Aim for the week was to get through 2 evaluation reports, one about IV diuretics within the home and the other about Integrated Care schemes taking place in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fight for every Heartbeat

First week completed working for British Heart Foundation with the Healthcare and Innovations team!

Each day this week has brought something a little different meaning time has flown by. Monday started with a tour of the office in North London (attempting to remember everyone’s name!) and a presentation from the Chief Executive of BHF to all members of staff to summarise what BHF has been doing over the last 2 years and where it hopes to go in the future. I then spent a few hours getting to grips with the NHS terminology and acronyms in some of the evaluations I would be tackling later in the week.