Author: Koral Hassan

How to be Sensible about Science – End

Dear future intern,

This week was spent mostly finalising all of the work I did and archiving everything. I added subtitles to the videos that have been made. I exported them all for YouTube. I digitally organised and filed away all my work for future reference. I followed up my Ask for Evidence Campaign entries.

The highlight of the week for me, was a co-worker realising she has been pronouncing my name technically incorrectly throughout my internship and finding this unacceptable. This was during a sci-fi and fiction pub quiz we went to. We came third place! (they also went to a movie quiz but I couldn’t make that one, sad face) Next week, I will be attending a talk with them at the Science Museum.

How to be Sensible about Science – Middle

Dear future intern,

If you are to take one advice from my entire series, make it this one. Have you ever been to barber? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t. I’m sure you’ve seen a boy in the past with a horrible new haircut and thought to yourself “How did he ever think that style was good idea?”. Well, I’ll tell you the answer; he didn’t. The thing about barbers is, if you don’t specifically tell them what you are expecting to get out of your visit, they will just give you the generic haircut they are familiar with. It’s not their fault, it’s the customer not communicating their expectations properly.

How to be Sensible about Science – Beginning

Hello dear future intern,

A bit about me; my name is Koral, and I interned with Sense about Science in August 2017. I knew about this charity because I noticed every year one person from the Charity Insights Scheme chooses it. So, I assume every year after me, interns from Imperial will keep coming here. Therefore, I have chosen to write my blog in the format of a diary to you, dear future intern; though everyone else is welcome to read my adventures as well of course. I plan on writing 3 posts, all of them in retrospect. They will encapsulate the beginning, middle, and end periods of my internship.