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The End of My Time at PureLeapfrog

It is always amazing to seat at the end of a journey and look back at the road you have traveled. This four weeks have blazed by and I am now left to reflect on my time at PureLeapfrog.

When I started this internship, I had many preconceptions of what working in a formal setting would be like and indeed a lot of misgivings surrounding the current political climate that Britain surrounds itself in.

I had imagined that the biggest pain points of working would be related to project planning, and execution but I discovered more importantly that building the proper environment and team spirit may be the single biggest challenge of a CEO running a company.

Second week at PureLeapfrog

I am more than half-way through this four week journey and it seems that time is escaping. So much of consequence has occurred between the last blog post and now.

In terms of project, I have learned new skills mainly to do with designing and synthesizing new ideas. The map (see image) that I was tasked with constructing is now nearing it’s finishing touches and I am glad for the opportunity to have been part of a team.

The initial scribbling of the map.

After watching the day to day ebb and flow of the office, it has become more apparent that it is the people that surround you that matter to a much greater extent than any idea ever could.

(Unfortunate) First Week on the Job

My first week at Pure Leapfrog.

The first days were filled with the excitement of new days, people, and feelings as I was, for the first time, thrust into life as an “adult”. I have never held down a full 9-5pm job and Pure Leapfrog will be my make or break foray into life as a worker bee.

When I first walked in the startup vibe was impossible to miss. The long labyrinthine route to the little nook in Shand Street that gave way to a cavernous work-space remade underneath a working train line (Oh there goes the 4:30 train). The place is makeshift, and endearing in the way that only a place made by people can be.