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The end of the beginning

4th week – Last week! – Evaluation week


21/07/2014 – Monday

  • Volunteer interview.
  • Processing and response to new volunteer applications
  • Excel database update of all the volunteers.
  • Review and evaluation of the festival – what went well and worked/not so good/things to improve in future festivals.
  • Most importantly after 3 full weeks here – I had a meeting with the project manager Rachel about the structure of the project – drawing up a diagram of all the roles needed to be filled – what they each involve and how they link. Vital for the organisation to be sustainable for the future.

Wild Heath Festival PREPARING WEEK


Wild Heath Festival

14/07/2014 – 18/04/2014 Preparation for the Festival!!!!


14TH July 2014 – Monday

  • Email and phone correspondence with potential volunteers
  • Volunteer Wildlife Interpreter Interview s.
  • Response to specific volunteer role applications sent via websites and email.
  • Researching events happening this week in different communities like Hackney – to try to attend or post adverts in about the festival.
  • Starting to draw up a project plan looking at all the roles in the project – the sustainability of each role for the future of the project with volunteers only as the workforce.
  • Drawing up a plan to follow for future coordinators to use and share about what their jobs/tasks would involve – i.e.

Week 2 on the Beautifully Wild Heath

2ND WEEK !!!!    7/07/14 – 11/07/14

The summary diary of the main activities day to day I was involved in the 2nd week.

7th July 2014 – MONDAY

  • Finishing & editing volunteer flyer leaflet with photo edit.
  • Researching all the volunteer advertising websites WAHH project appears in, so looking at how the project is observed by potential volunteers.
  • Spreadsheet for the different advertising websites WAHH project appears in and also potential websites to advertise in that are used at present by other volunteers. So updating existing adverts and placing new ones. Using the information given by existing volunteers – and the pie chart from statistical analysis already completed to find out which advertising method/organisation to go through so to get more volunteers.

Week 1 on the Beautifully Wild Heath


1ST WEEK !!!!      30/06/14 – 4/07/14

WILD About HAMPSTEAD HEATH is a reaaaaalllllllly dynamic, exciting and fulfilling project going on at the moment. There really is sooooo much to be wild about the Heath from all its wildlife, habitats, people and the events going on there.

What a really cool week – have learnt so much and completed so much in a week.  It was a brilliant start – meeting the team and the wildlife on the Heath and I happened to start the same week that was a training week for an education officer role so it was perfect timing.