Ocean warming in the media

A recent paper on ocean warming has been reported on in a number of newspaper articles, most recently by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph.

The author of the paper, Professor Carl Wunsch of MIT, wrote a letter to the editor of the Sunday Telegraph in response to Christopher Booker’s article. As the letter has yet to be published in the Sunday Telegraph, with the permission of Professor Wunsch we have decided to post it here.

Dear Editor,

In the Sunday Telegraph of 27 July 2014, Christopher Booker pretends to understand a highly technical paper on ocean warming to such a degree that he can explain it to his lay-audience. Had he made the slightest effort to contact me, I could have told him that the paper in reality says that the ocean is warming overall at a rate consistent with previous values – but that parts of the deepest ocean appear to be cooling. This inference is not a contradiction to overall warming. He imputes to me a wish to hide my views: nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that global warming is an extremely serious threat, but how that threat will play out in detail is scientifically still poorly understood. Anyone who interprets the complexity of change to mean global warming is not occurring and is not worrying, is ignorant enough to regard The Great Global Warming Swindle as a documentary – it is an egregious propaganda piece.

Carl Wunsch

Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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