Latest publications: December 2021

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Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.


Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
Histone post-translational modifications as potential therapeutic targets for pain management Trends in Pharmacological Sciences Review, Journal Torres-Perez J, Irfan J, Febrianto MR, Di Giovanni S, Nagy I 01/11/2021
OPTIMISE: MS study protocol: a pragmatic, prospective observational study to address the need for, and challenges with, real world pharmacovigilance in multiple sclerosis BMJ Open Article, Journal Dobson R, Craner M, Waddingham E, Miller A, Cavey A, Webb S, Hemingway C, Hobart J, Evangelou N, Scolding N, Rog D, Nicholas R, Marta M, Blain C, Young CA, Ford HL, Matthews PM 01/11/2021
Playing the piano with a robotic third thumb: assessing constraints of human augmentation Scientific Reports Article, Journal Shafti A, Haar S, Mio R, Guilleminot P, Faisal AA 01/11/2021
Small vessel disease disrupts EEG postural brain networks in ‘unexplained dizziness in the elderly’ Clinical Neurophysiology Article, Journal Ibitoye RT, Castro P, Desowska A, Cooke J, Edwards AE, Guven O, Arshad Q, Murdin L, Kaski D, Bronstein AM 01/11/2021
Subjective cognitive complaints at age 70: associations with amyloid and mental health Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry Article, Journal Pavisic IM, Lu K, Keuss SE, James S-N, Lane CA, Parker TD, Keshavan A, Buchanan SM, Murray-Smith H, Cash DM, Coath W, Wong A, Fox NC, Crutch SJ, Richards M, Schott JM 01/11/2021
Use of whole genome sequencing to determine genetic basis of suspected mitochondrial disorders: cohort study BMJ: British Medical Journal Article, Journal Schon KR, Horvath R, Wei W, Calabrese C, Tucci A, Ibanez K, Ratnaike T, Pitceathly RDS, Bugiardini E, Quinlivan R, Hanna MG, Clement E, Ashton E, Sayer JA, Brennan P, Josifova D, Izatt L, Fratter C, Nesbitt V, Barrett T, McMullen DJ, Smith A, Deshpande C, Smithson SF, Festenstein R, Canham N, Caulfield M, Houlden H, Rahman S, Chinnery PF 03/11/2021
Alcohol and the Brain. Nutrients Journal Article, Review Nutt D, Hayes A, Fonville L, Zafar R, Palmer EOC, Paterson L, Lingford-Hughes A 04/11/2021
Associations of Disease-Modifying Therapies With COVID-19 Severity in Multiple Sclerosis Neurology Article, Journal Simpson-Yap S, De Brouwer E, Kalincik T, Rijke N, Hillert JA, Walton C, Edan G, Moreau Y, Spelman T, Geys L, Parciak T, Gautrais C, Lazovski N, Pirmani A, Ardeshirdavanai A, Forsberg L, Glaser A, McBurney R, Schmidt H, Bergmann AB, Braune S, Stahmann A, Middleton R, Salter A, Fox RJ, van der Walt A, Butzkueven H, Alroughani R, Ozakbas S, Rojas J, van der Mei I, Nag N, Ivanov R, do Olival GS, Dias AE, Magyari M, Brum D, Mendes MF, Alonso RN, Nicholas RS, Bauer J, Chertcoff AS, Zabalza A, Arrambide G, Fidao A, Comi G, Peeters L 09/11/2021
Boosting the diagnostic power of amyloid-beta PET using a data-driven spatially informed classifier for decision support Alzheimer’s Research and Therapy Article, Journal Venkataraman AV, Bai W, Whittington A, Myers JF, Rabiner EA, Lingford-Hughes A, Matthews PM 10/11/2021
Diverse human astrocyte and microglial transcriptional responses to Alzheimer’s pathology Acta Neuropathologica Article, Early Access, Journal Smith AM, Davey K, Tsartsalis S, Khozoie C, Fancy N, Tang SS, Liaptsi E, Weinert M, McGarry A, Muirhead RCJ, Gentleman S, Owen DR, Matthews PM 12/11/2021
Ischemic stroke in oral anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillation Acta Neurologica Scandinavica Article, Early Access, Journal D’Anna L, Filippidis FT, Harvey K, Korompoki E, Veltkamp R 12/11/2021
Rise and Fall of Therapeutic Hypothermia in Low-Resource Settings: Lessons from the HELIX Trial: Authors’ Reply Indian Journal of Pediatrics Letter, Early Access, Journal Thayyil S, Shankaran S 12/11/2021
Sleep Dysfunction in COVID-19 Patients: Prevalence, Risk Factors, Mechanisms, and Management. Journal of Personalized Medicine Journal Article, Review Pataka A, Kotoulas S, Sakka E, Katsaounou P, Pappa S 14/11/2021
Community interventions for people with complex emotional needs that meet the criteria for personality disorder diagnoses: systematic review of economic evaluations and expert commentary BJPsych Open Review, Journal Botham J, Clark A, Steare T, Stuart R, Oram S, Lloyd-Evans B, Jeynes T, Broeckelmann E, Crawford M, Johnson S, Simpson A, McCrone P 15/11/2021
The effects of unilateral transcranial direct current stimulation on unimanual laparoscopic peg-transfer task Brain Research Article, Journal Hadi Z, Umbreen A, Anwar MN, Navid MS 15/11/2021
Patient experience of lasting negative effects of psychological interventions for anxiety and depression in secondary mental health care services: a national cross-sectional study BMC Psychiatry Article, Journal McQuaid A, Sanatinia R, Farquharson L, Shah P, Quirk A, Baldwin DS, Crawford M 17/11/2021
Psychedelics alter metaphysical beliefs Scientific Reports Article Timmermann Slater CB, Kettner H, Letheby C, Roseman L, Rosas F, Carhart-Harris R 23/11/2021
A systematic review and meta-analysis of the mental health symptoms during the Covid-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences Review, Early Access, Journal Pappa S, Chen J, Barnett J, Chang A, Dong RK, Xu W, Yin A, Chen BZ, Delios AY, Chen RZ, Miller S, Wan X, Zhang SX 26/11/2021
A panel of CSF proteins separates genetic frontotemporal dementia from presymptomatic mutation carriers: a GENFI study Molecular Neurodegeneration Article, Journal Bergstrom S, Oijerstedt L, Remnestal J, Olofsson J, Ullgren A, Seelaar H, van Swieten JC, Synofzik M, Sanchez-Valle R, Moreno F, Finger E, Masellis M, Tartaglia C, Vandenberghe R, Laforce R, Galimberti D, Borroni B, Butler CR, Gerhard A, Ducharme S, Rohrer JD, Manberg A, Graff C, Nilsson P 27/11/2021
Kinetic modelling of dissolution dynamic nuclear polarisation C-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy data for analysis of pyruvate delivery and fate in tumours NMR in Biomedicine Article, Early Access, Journal Reynolds S, Kazan SM, Anton A, Alizadeh T, Gunn RN, Paley MN, Tozer GM, Cunningham VJ 28/11/2021
Stratifying the Presymptomatic Phase of Genetic Frontotemporal Dementia by Serum NfL and pNfH: A Longitudinal Multicentre Study Annals of Neurology Article, Early Access, Journal Wilke C, Reich S, van Swieten JC, Borroni B, Sanchez-Valle R, Moreno F, Laforce R, Graff C, Galimberti D, Rowe JB, Masellis M, Tartaglia MC, Finger E, Vandenberghe R, de Mendonca A, Tagliavini F, Santana I, Ducharme S, Butler CR, Gerhard A, Levin J, Danek A, Otto M, Frisoni G, Ghidoni R, Sorbi S, Bocchetta M, Todd E, Kuhle J, Barro C, Rohrer JD, Synofzik M 29/11/2021
Deep learning-based quantification of temporalis muscle has prognostic value in patients with glioblastoma. British Journal of Cancer Journal Article Mi E, Mauricaite R, Pakzad-Shahabi L, Chen J, Ho A, Williams M 30/11/2021
High-Order Interdependencies in the Aging Brain. Brain Connectivity Journal Article Gatica M, Cofré R, Mediano PAM, Rosas FE, Orio P, Diez I, Swinnen SP, Cortes JM 2021-11
The experiential perspectives of parents caring for a loved one with a restrictive eating disorder in the UK BJPsych Open Article Cribben H, Macdonald P, Treasure J, Cini E, Nicholls D, Batchelor R, Kan C 2021-11