Latest publications: June 2022

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
Debate: Young people with personality disorder should be recognised and appropriately managed Child and Adolescent Mental Health Journal article Tyrer P 2022-05
Lymphotoxin-alpha expression in the meninges causes lymphoid tissue formation and neurodegeneration Brain Journal article Rachel E James Bates, Eleanor Browne, Renee Schalks, Heather Jacobs, Li Tan, Puja Parekh, Roberta Magliozzi, Massimiliano Calabrese, Nicholas D Mazarakis, Richard Reynolds 01/07/2022
“Ependymal-in” gradient of thalamic damage in progressive multiple sclerosis Annals of Neurology Journal article R. Magliozzi, G. Fadda, R. A. Brown, A. Bar-Or, O.W. Howell, S. Hametner, D. Marastoni, A. Poli, R. Nicholas, M. Calabrese, S. Monaco, R. Reynolds 24/06/2022
Relationships between treatments received in the Nottingham Study of Neurotic Disorder over 30 years and personality status Personality and Mental Health: multidisciplinary studies from personality dysfunction to criminal behaviour Article Tyrer P, Tyrer H, Yang M 2022-05
SWAY: Associations between sleep disturbance and suicidality in psychiatric inpatients transitioning to the community: an ecological momentary assessment study protocol JMIR Research Protocols Article Dewa L, Pappa S, Greene T, Cooke J, Mitchell L, Hadley M, Di Simplicio M, Woodcock T, Aylin P 2022-05
The influence of personality disorder in predicting suicidal behaviour in common mental disorders: A 30‐year study Personality and Mental Health: multidisciplinary studies from personality dysfunction to criminal behaviour Journal article Tyrer P, Tyrer H, Yang M 2022-05
The recording of personality strengths: An analysis of the impact of positive personality features on the long‐term outcome of common mental disorders Personality and Mental Health: multidisciplinary studies from personality dysfunction to criminal behaviour Journal article Yang M, Tyrer P, Tyrer H 2022-05
Phenomenology and content of the inhaled N, N-dimethyltryptamine (N, N-DMT) experience Scientific Reports Article, Journal Lawrence DW, Carhart-Harris R, Griffiths R, Timmermann C 24/05/2022
Evaluating the feasibility of a real world pharmacovigilance study (OPTIMISE:MS). Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Journal Article Dobson R, Craner M, Waddingham E, Miller A, Pindoria J, Cavey A, Blain C, De Luca G, Evangelou N, Ford H, Gallagher P, George K, Geraldes Ramos Dias R, Harman P, Hobart J, King T, Linighan R, MacDougall N, Marta M, Mitchell S, Nicholas R, Rog D, Scalfari A, Scolding N, Webb S, White S, Wilton J, Young C, Matthews PM 20/05/2022
Human pharmacokinetics of XBD173 and etifoxine distinguish their potential for pharmacodynamic effects mediated by translocator protein British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Article, Early Access, Journal Owen DR, Phillips A, O’Connor D, Grey G, Aimola L, Nicholas R, Matthews PM 20/05/2022
A Review of Accelerated Long-Term Forgetting in Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Situation and Prospects Neuropsychology Review, Early Access, Journal Garcia-Martinez M, Sanchez-Juan P, Butler CR 19/05/2022
The Association Between Sleep Disturbance and Suicidality in Psychiatric Inpatients Transitioning to the Community: Protocol for an Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. JMIR Research Protocols Journal Article Dewa LH, Pappa S, Greene T, Cooke J, Mitchell L, Hadley M, Di Simplicio M, Woodcock T, Aylin P 17/05/2022
Hyperphosphorylated tau self-assembles into amorphous aggregates eliciting TLR4-dependent responses Nature Communications Article, Journal Meng JX, Zhang Y, Saman D, Haider AM, De S, Sang JC, Brown K, Jiang K, Humphrey J, Julian L, Hidari E, Lee SF, Balmus G, Floto RA, Bryant CE, Benesch JLP, Ye Y, Klenerman D 16/05/2022
The four self-efficacy trajectories among people with multiple sclerosis: Clinical associations and implications Journal of the Neurological Sciences Article, Journal Young CA, Mills R, Langdon D, Sharrack B, Majeed T, Kalra S, Footitt D, Rog D, Harrower T, Nicholas R, Woolmore J, Thorpe J, Hanemann CO, Ford H, Paling D, Ellis C, Palace J, Constantinescu C, Tennant A 15/05/2022
Reversible CD8 T cell-neuron cross-talk causes aging- dependent neuronal regenerative decline Science Article, Journal Zhou L, Kong G, Palmisano I, Cencioni MT, Danzi M, De Virgiliis F, Chadwick JS, Crawford G, Yu Z, De Winter F, Lemmon V, Bixby J, Puttagunta R, Verhaagen J, Pospori C, Lo Celso C, Strid J, Botto M, Di Giovanni S 13/05/2022
The Conundrum of Dystonia in Essential Tremor Patients: How does One Classify these Cases? Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements Article, Journal Du W, Bain PG, Defazio G, Jankovic J, Kim CY, Tan EK, Vidailhet M, Louis ED 13/05/2022
Assessment of digital risks in child and adolescent mental health services: A mixed-method, theory-driven study of clinicians’ experiences and perspectives Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry Article, Early Access, Journal Lau-Zhu A, Anderson C, Lister M 06/05/2022
Treatment of post-psychotic depression in first-episode psychosis. A systematic review. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry Journal Article, Review Bodoano Sánchez I, Mata Agudo A, Guerrero-Jiménez M, Girela Serrano B, Álvarez Gil P, Carrillo de Albornoz Calahorro CM, Gutiérrez-Rojas L 04/05/2022
Acute-onset amnesia: transient global amnesia and other causes Practical Neurology Review, Early Access, Journal Miller TD, Butler CR 03/05/2022
Gender representation in science publication: evidence from Brain Communications Brain Communications Journal article Marescotti M, Loreto F, Spires-Jones TL 02/05/2022
Gene-mapping study of extremes of cerebral small vessel disease reveals TRIM47 as a strong candidate Brain: a journal of neurology Article, Early Access, Journal Mishra A, Duplaa C, Vojinovic D, Suzuki H, Sargurupremraj M, Zilhao NR, Li S, Bartz TM, Jian X, Zhao W, Hofer E, Wittfeld K, Harris SE, Van der Auwera-Palitschka S, Luciano M, Bis JC, Adams HHH, Satizabal CL, Gottesman RF, Gampawar PG, Bulow R, Weiss S, Yu M, Bastin ME, Lopez OL, Vernooij MW, Beiser AS, Voelker U, Kacprowski T, Soumare A, Smith JA, Knopman DS, Morris Z, Zhu Y, Rotter J, Dufouil C, Hernandez MV, Maniega SM, Lathrop M, Boerwinkle E, Schmidt R, Ihara M, Mazoyer B, Yang Q, Joutel A, Tournier-Lasserve E, Launer LJ, Deary IJ, Mosley TH, Amouyel P, DeCarli CS, Psaty BM, Tzourio C, Kardia SLR, Grabe HJ, Teumer A, van Duijn CM, Schmidt H, Wardlaw JM, Ikram MA, Fornage M, Gudnason V, Seshadri S, Matthews PM, Longstreth WT, Couffinhal T, Debette S 02/05/2022