Latest publications: March and April 2023

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Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
A PET-CT study on neuroinflammation in Huntington’s disease patients participating in a randomized trial with laquinimod. Brain Communications Journal article Roussakis A-A, Gennaro M, Gordon MF, Reilmann R, Borowsky B, Rynkowski G, Lao-Kaim NP, Papoutsou Z, Savola J-M, Hayden MR, Owen DR, Kalk N, Lingford-Hughes A, Gunn RN, Searle G, Tabrizi SJ, Piccini P 03/04/2023
A whole-brain model of the neural entropy increase elicited by psychedelic drugs. Scientific Reports Journal article Herzog R, Mediano PAM, Rosas FE, Lodder P, Carhart-Harris R, Perl YS, Tagliazucchi E, Cofre R 17/04/2023
Acute mood-elevating properties of microdosed LSD in healthy volunteers: a home-administered randomised controlled trial. Biological Psychiatry Journal article Murphy RJ, Sumner R, Evans W, Ponton R, Ram S, Godfrey K, Forsyth A, Cavadino A, Krishmamuthy V, Smith T, Hoeh NR, Menkes DB, Muthukumaraswamy S 28/03/2023
ADVANCE-TBI study protocol: traumatic brain injury outcomes in UK military personnel serving in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2014 – a longitudinal cohort study. BMJ Open Journal article Graham NSN, Blissitt G, Zimmerman K, Friedland D, Dumas M-E, Coady E, Heslegrave A, Zetterberg H, Escott-Price V, Schofield S, Fear NT, Boos C, Bull AMJ, Cullinan P, Bennett A, Sharp DJ, ADVANCE Study 21/03/2023
ARC: A framework for Access, Reciprocity and Conduct in psychedelic therapies Frontiers in Psychology Journal article Spriggs M, Bornemann J, Murphy-Beiner A, Murphy R, Thurgur H, Schlag AK 11/05/2023
Big Five personality traits in the workplace: investigating personality differences between employees, supervisors, managers, and entrepreneurs Frontiers in Psychology Journal article Kang W 28/03/2023
Brain Connectivity: A Journal of Clinical Neurology, Neuroscience, & Neuroimaging Advancing the Field of Neurology. Brain Connectivity Journal article Edison P 01/03/2023
Clozapine Optimization: A Delphi Consensus Guideline From the Treatment Response and Resistance in Psychosis Working Group. Schizophrenia Bulletin Journal article Wagner E, Siskind D, Falkai P, Howes O, Correll C, Lee J, Honer WG, Kane JM, Fernandez-Egea E, Barnes TRE, Hasan A, TRRIP Working Group 21/03/2023
Cognitive impairment after cancer treatment: mechanisms, clinical characterization, and management. BMJ: British Medical Journal Journal article Fleming B, Edison P, Kenny L 15/03/2023
Cognitive performance at first episode of psychosis and the relationship with future treatment resistance: Evidence from an international prospective cohort study. Schizophrenia Research Journal article Millgate E, Smart SE, Pardiñas AF, Kravariti E, Ajnakina O, Kępińska AP, Andreassen OA, Barnes TRE, Berardi D, Crespo-Facorro B, D’Andrea G, Demjaha A, Di Forti M, Doody GA, Kassoumeri L, Ferchiou A, Guidi L, Joyce EM, Lastrina O, Melle I, Pignon B, Richard J-R, Simonsen C, Szöke A, Tarricone I, Tortelli A, Vázquez-Bourgon J, Murray RM, Walters JTR, MacCabe JH, STRATA Consortium 29/03/2023
Different MAPT haplotypes influence expression of total MAPT in postmortem brain tissue. Acta Neuropathologica Communications Journal article Tauber CV, Schwarz SC, Rösler TW, Arzberger T, Gentleman S, Windl O, Krumbiegel M, Reis A, Ruf VC, Herms J, Höglinger GU 11/03/2023
Early neurotransmitters changes in prodromal frontotemporal dementia: A GENFI study. Neurobiology of Disease Journal article Premi E, Pengo M, Mattioli I, Cantoni V, Dukart J, Gasparotti R, Buratti E, Padovani A, Bocchetta M, Todd EG, Bouzigues A, Cash DM, Convery RS, Russell LL, Foster P, Thomas DL, van Swieten JC, Jiskoot LC, Seelaar H, Galimberti D, Sanchez-Valle R, Laforce R, Moreno F, Synofzik M, Graff C, Masellis M, Tartaglia MC, Rowe JB, Tsvetanov KA, Vandenberghe R, Finger E, Tiraboschi P, de Mendonça A, Santana I, Butler CR, Ducharme S, Gerhard A, Levin J, Otto M, Sorbi S, Le Ber I, Pasquier F, Rohrer JD, Borroni B, Genetic Frontotemporal dementia Initiative (GENFI) 01/04/2023
Efficacy of oral versus long-acting antipsychotic treatment in patients with early-phase schizophrenia in Europe and Israel: a large-scale, open-label, randomised trial (EULAST). The Lancet Psychiatry Journal article Winter-van Rossum I, Weiser M, Galderisi S, Leucht S, Bitter I, Glenthøj B, Hasan A, Luykx J, Kupchik M, Psota G, Rocca P, Stefanis N, Teitelbaum A, Bar Haim M, Leucht C, Kemmler G, Schurr T, EULAST Study Group, Davidson M, Kahn RS, Fleischhacker WW 01/03/2023
European Working Group on SARS-CoV-2: Current Understanding, Unknowns, and Recommendations on the Neurological Complications of COVID-19. Brain Connectivity Journal article Crook H, Ramirez A, Hosseini A, Vavougyios G, Lehmann C, Bruchfeld J, Schneider A, D’Avossa G, Lo Re V, Salmoiraghi A, Mukaetova-Ladinska E, Katshu M, Boneschi FM, Håkansson K, Geerlings M, Pracht E, Ruiz A, Jansen JFA, Snyder H, Kivipelto M, Edison P 24/03/2023
Factors influencing clinical outcome in vestibular neuritis – A focussed review and reanalysis of prospective data Journal of the Neurological Sciences Journal article Arshad Q, Cousins S, Golding JF, Bronstein AM 01/03/2023
Genetic forms of primary progressive aphasia within the GENetic Frontotemporal dementia Initiative (GENFI) cohort: comparison with sporadic primary progressive aphasia. Brain Communications Journal article Samra K, MacDougall AM, Bouzigues A, Bocchetta M, Cash DM, Greaves CV, Convery RS, Hardy C, van Swieten JC, Seelaar H, Jiskoot LC, Moreno F, Sanchez-Valle R, Laforce R, Graff C, Masellis M, Tartaglia MC, Rowe JB, Borroni B, Finger E, Synofzik M, Galimberti D, Vandenberghe R, de Mendonça A, Butler CR, Gerhard A, Ducharme S, Le Ber I, Santana I, Pasquier F, Levin J, Otto M, Sorbi S, Warren JD, Rohrer JD, Russell LL, GENetic Frontotemporal dementia Initiative (GENFI) 17/02/2023
Human brain effects of DMT assessed via EEG-fMRI. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA Journal article Timmermann C, Roseman L, Haridas S, Rosas FE, Luan L, Kettner H, Martell J, Erritzoe D, Tagliazucchi E, Pallavicini C, Girn M, Alamia A, Leech R, Nutt DJ, Carhart-Harris RL 28/03/2023
Impact of the Russian Invasion on Mental Health of Adolescents in Ukraine. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Journal article Osokina O, Silwal S, Bohdanova T, Hodes M, Sourander A, Skokauskas N 01/03/2023
Personality Predicts Self-rated Health (SRH): Considering age differences Frontiers in Psychology Journal article Kang W 02/05/2023
Psychedelic-induced mystical experiences: An interdisciplinary discussion and critique Frontiers in Psychiatry Journal article Mosurinjohn S, Roseman L, Girn M 05/04/2023
Remote Monitoring of Physiology in People Living With Dementia: An Observational Cohort Study. JMIR Aging Journal article David MCB, Kolanko M, Del Giovane M, Lai H, True J, Beal E, Li LM, Nilforooshan R, Barnaghi P, Malhotra PA, Rostill H, Wingfield D, Wilson D, Daniels S, Sharp DJ, Scott G 09/03/2023
Spatial correspondence of LSD-induced variations of brain functioning at rest with serotonin receptor expression. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Journal article Pizzi SD, Chiacchiaretta P, Sestieri C, Ferretti A, Onofrj M, Della Penna S, Roseman L, Timmermann Slater CB, Nutt DJ, Carhart-Harris RL, Sensi SL 30/03/2023
Synaptic Density and Glucose Consumption in Patients with Lewy Body Diseases: An [11 C]UCB-J and [18 F]FDG PET Study. Movement Disorders Journal article Andersen KB, Hansen AK, Schacht AC, Horsager J, Gottrup H, Klit H, Danielsen EH, Poston KL, Pavese N, Brooks DJ, Borghammer P 11/03/2023
The Benson Complex Figure Test detects deficits in visuoconstruction and visual memory in symptomatic familial frontotemporal dementia: A GENFI study. Journal of the Neurological Sciences Journal article Jiskoot LC, Russell LL, Peakman G, Convery RS, Greaves CV, Bocchetta M, Poos JM, Seelaar H, Giannini LAA, van Swieten JC, van Minkelen R, Pijnenburg YAL, Rowe JB, Borroni B, Galimberti D, Masellis M, Tartaglia C, Finger E, Butler CR, Graff C, Laforce R, Sanchez-Valle R, de Mendonça A, Moreno F, Synofzik M, Vandenberghe R, Ducharme S, le Ber I, Levin J, Otto M, Pasquier F, Santana I, Cash DM, Thomas D, Rohrer JD, Genetic Frontotemporal dementia Initiative (GENFI) 15/03/2023
The HARDSHIP databases: a forthcoming free good from the Global Campaign against Headache. The Journal of Headache and Pain Journal article Steiner TJ, Husøy A, Thomas H, Stovner LJ 06/03/2023
Training support workers about the overmedication of people with intellectual disabilities: an Australian pre-post pilot study. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research Journal article Wilson NJ, Barratt M, Jorgensen M, Limbu B, Donley M, Buchholtz M, Smith V, Deb S 07/03/2023
Understanding the associations between the number of close friends and life satisfaction: considering age differences Frontiers in Psychology Journal article Kang W 28/03/2023
Vestibulo-spatial navigation: pathways and sense of direction Journal of Neurophysiology Journal article Zachou A, Bronstein AM 01/03/2023
Visual atrophy rating scales and amyloid PET status in an Alzheimer’s disease clinical cohort Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology Journal article Loreto F, Gontsarova A, Scott G, Patel N, Win Z, Carswell C, Perry R, Malhotra P 05/03/2023
Why should clinical practitioners ask about their patients’ concerns about falling? Age and Ageing Journal article Ellmers T 23/04/2023
A critical evaluation of QIDS-SR-16 using data from a trial of psilocybin therapy versus escitalopram treatment for depression. Journal of Psychopharmacology Journal Article Weiss B, Erritzoe D, Giribaldi B, Nutt DJ, Carhart-Harris RL 25/04/2023
Assessing a Sleep Interviewing Chatbot to Improve Subjective and Objective Sleep: Protocol for an Observational Feasibility Study. JMIR Research Protocols Journal Article Su T, Calvo RA, Jouaiti M, Daniels S, Kirby P, Dijk D-J, Della Monica C, Vaidyanathan R 11/05/2023
Attachment patterns and autobiographical episodic memory functioning: A systemic review of adult studies to advance clinical psychological science. Clinical Psychology Review Journal Article, Review Lau-Zhu A, Williams F, Steel C 01/04/2023
Borderline personality disorder: a spurious condition unsupported by science that should be abandoned. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Journal Article Mulder R, Tyrer P 12/04/2023
Brain Connectivity: A Journal of Clinical Neurology, Neuroscience, & Neuroimaging Advancing the Field of Neurology Brain Connectivity Editorial Material, Journal Edison P 01/04/2023
Causality-Inspired Single-Source Domain Generalization for Medical Image Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Ouyang C, Chen C, Li S, Li Z, Qin C, Bai W, Rueckert D 01/04/2023
Cerebrovascular Reactivity Has Negligible Contribution to Hemodynamic Lag After Stroke: Implications for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies. Stroke Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Braban A, Leech R, Murphy K, Geranmayeh F 01/04/2023
Characterization of emergent toxigenic M1UK Streptococcus pyogenes and associated sublineages. Microbial Genomics Journal Article Li HK, Zhi X, Vieira A, Whitwell HJ, Schricker A, Jauneikaite E, Li H, Yosef A, Andrew I, Game L, Turner CE, Lamagni T, Coelho J, Sriskandan S 01/04/2023
Computerised cognitive assessment in patients with traumatic brain injury: an observational study of feasibility and sensitivity relative to established clinical scales. EClinicalMedicine Journal Article Del Giovane M, Trender WR, Bălăeţ M, Mallas E-J, Jolly AE, Bourke NJ, Zimmermann K, Graham NSN, Lai H, Losty EJF, Oiarbide GA, Hellyer PJ, Faiman I, Daniels SJC, Batey P, Harrison M, Giunchiglia V, Kolanko MA, David MCB, Li LM, Demarchi C, Friedland D, Sharp DJ, Hampshire A 01/05/2023
Frailty, falls and poor functional mobility predict new onset of activity restriction due to concerns about falling in older adults: a prospective 12-month cohort study European Geriatric Medicine Article, Journal Ellmers TJ, Delbaere K, Kal EC 01/04/2023
How relevant are cerebral white matter lesions in the D313Y variant of the α-galactosidase A gene? Neurological, cardiological, laboratory, and MRI data of 21 patients within a follow-up of 3 years. Neurological Sciences Review, Journal Article Strunk D, Becker J, Veltkamp R, Meuth SG, Bauer P, Böttcher T, Rolfs A, Schwitalla JC, Kraemer M 01/04/2023
Increased low-frequency brain responses to music after psilocybin therapy for depression. Journal of Affective Disorders Journal Article Wall MB, Lam C, Ertl N, Kaelen M, Roseman L, Nutt DJ, Carhart-Harris RL 23/04/2023
Management of medically assisted withdrawal from alcohol in acute adult mental health and specialist addictions in-patient services: UK clinical audit findings BJPsych Open Article, Journal Sinclair J, Barnes TRE, Lingford-Hughes A, Drummond C, Loubser I, Rendora O, Paton C 11/04/2023
National consensus to develop core outcomes for the evaluation of complications from excess weight (CEW) clinics: results of a national Delphi process. Archives of Disease in Childhood Journal Article Stilwell PA, White B, Graham C, Rigby E, Shield JPH, Brandreth R, Solti S, Owen R, Kenny S, CEW Delphi Collaborators, CEW Delphi collaborators 01/04/2023
Personality Functioning in Current Epilepsy Patients and People Recovered from Epilepsy Reports Journal article Kang W 22/03/2023
Personality Traits and Dimensions of Mental Health Scientific Reports Journal article Kang W 01/05/2023
Reduced emergent character of neural dynamics in patients with a disrupted connectome NeuroImage Article Luppi AI, Mediano PAM, Rosas FE, Allanson J, Pickard JD, Williams GB, Craig MM, Finoia P, Peattie ARD, Coppola P, Menon DK, Bor D, Stamatakis EA 01/04/2023
Remote focused encoding and decoding of electric fields through acoustoelectric heterodyning Communications Physics Article Rintoul JL, Neufeld E, Butler C, Cleveland RO, Grossman N 20/04/2023
Temporal lobe perceptual predictions for speech are instantiated in motor cortex and reconciled by inferior frontal cortex. Cell Reports Journal Article Cope TE, Sohoglu E, Peterson KA, Jones PS, Rua C, Passamonti L, Sedley W, Post B, Coebergh J, Butler CR, Garrard P, Abdel-Aziz K, Husain M, Griffiths TD, Patterson K, Davis MH, Rowe JB 24/04/2023
The association between brain volume loss and disability in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Journal Article, Review Matthews PM, Gupta D, Mittal D, Bai W, Scalfari A, Pollock KG, Sharma V, Hill N 09/04/2023
Translocator protein PET imaging in temporal lobe epilepsy: a reliable test-retest study using laterality index Frontiers in Neuroimaging Journal article Mahmud M, Johnson M, Owen D 28/04/2023
Understanding the associations between personality traits and the frequency of alcohol intoxication in young males and females: Findings from the United Kingdom Acta Psychologica Article Kang W 01/04/2023
Why should clinical practitioners ask about their patients’ concerns about falling? Age and Ageing Journal Article Ellmers TJ, Freiberger E, Hauer K, Hogan DB, McGarrigle L, Lim ML, Todd C, Martin F, Delbaere K, World Falls Guidelines Working Group on Concerns About Falling 01/04/2023
The Use of Medication for Challenging Behaviors in People with Intellectual Disabilities: The Direct Care Providers’ Perspective Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities Journal Article Deb S, Limbu L, Unwin G, Weaver T 22/03/2023
Recent Advances in Psychopathology in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: From Bench to Bedside
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Journal Article Deb S 01/04/2023