Latest publications: February 2020

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our monthly round-up of the latest publication successes.*

Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Date of publication
A behavioural approach to specifying interventions: what insights can be gained for the reporting and implementation of interventions to reduce antibiotic use in hospitals? Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Journal Article Duncan EM, Charani E, Clarkson JE, Francis JJ, Gillies K, Grimshaw JM, Kern WV, Lorencatto F, Marwick CA, McEwen J, Möhler R, Morris AM, Ramsay CR, Rogers Van Katwyk S, Rzewuska M, Skodvin B, Smith I, Suh KN, Davey PG 04/02/2020
Antiretroviral therapy alone versus antiretroviral therapy with a kick and kill approach, on measures of the HIV reservoir in participants with recent HIV infection (the RIVER trial): a phase 2, randomised trial. The Lancet Journal Article Fidler S, Stöhr W, Pace M, Dorrell L, Lever A, Pett S, Kinloch-de Loes S, Fox J, Clarke A, Nelson M, Thornhill J, Khan M, Fun A, Bandara M, Kelly D, Kopycinski J, Hanke T, Yang H, Bennett R, Johnson M, Howell B, Barnard R, Wu G, Kaye S, Wills M, Babiker A, Frater J, RIVER trial study group 18/02/2020
Basal Level Effects of (p)ppGpp in the Absence of Branched Chain Amino Acids in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. Journal of Bacteriology Journal Article Li G, Zhao Q, Luan T, Hu Y, Zhang Y, Li T, Wang C, Xie F, Zhang W, Langford PR, Liu S 03/02/2020
Characterization of low level viraemia in HIV-infected patients receiving boosted protease inhibitor-based antiretroviral regimens. HIV Res Clin Pract Letter Ferretti F, Mackie NE, Singh GKJ, Fox J, Kaye S, McClure MO, Taylor G, Boffito M 30/01/2020
Chemokine-Adjuvanted Plasmid DNA Induces Homing of Antigen-Specific and Non-Antigen-Specific B and T Cells to the Intestinal and Genital Mucosae. Journal of Immunology Journal Article Aldon Y, Kratochvil S, Shattock RJ, McKay PF 15/02/2020
Clinical and laboratory features associated with serum phosphate concentrations in malaria and other febrile illnesses. Malaria Journal Journal Article Suen H-ME, Pasvol G, Cunnington AJ 21/02/2020
Clinical outcomes post transition to adult services in young adults with perinatally acquired HIV infection: mortality, retention in care and viral suppression. AIDS Journal Article Foster C, Ayers S, Mcdonald S, Frize G, Chhabra S, Pasvol TJ, Fidler S 01/02/2020
Defining risk factors associated with difficult peripheral venous Cannulation: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Heart and Lung: the journal of acute and critical care Journal Article Rodríguez-Calero MA, Blanco-Mavillard I, Morales-Asencio JM, Fernández-Fernández I, Castro-Sánchez E, de Pedro-Gómez JE 11/02/2020
Determination of HIV status and identification of incident HIV infections in a large, community-randomized trial: HPTN 071 (PopART). Journal of the International AIDS Society Journal Article Eshleman SH, Piwowar-Manning E, Wilson EA, Lennon D, Fogel JM, Agyei Y, Sullivan PA, Weng L, Moore A, Laeyendecker O, Kosloff B, Bwalya J, Maarman G, van Deventer A, Floyd S, Bock P, Ayles H, Fidler S, Hayes R, Donnell D, HPTN 071 (PopART) Study Team 02/2020
Diffuse granulomatous disease: looking inside and outside the lungs. Thorax Journal Article Williams A, Kelleher WP, Nicholson AG, Devaraj A, Pavesio C, Chua F 27/01/2020
Dynamics of toxigenic Clostridium perfringens colonisation in a cohort of prematurely born neonatal infants. BMC Pediatrics Journal Article Shaw AG, Cornwell E, Sim K, Thrower H, Scott H, Brown JCS, Dixon RA, Kroll JS 18/02/2020
Elucidating the Interactions between Influenza Virus Polymerase and Host Factor ANP32A Journal of Virology Article, Journal Mistry B, Long JS, Schreyer J, Staller E, Sanchez-David RY, Barclay WS 01/02/2020
Evaluating a digital sepsis alert in a London multisite hospital network: a natural experiment using electronic health record data. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Journal Article Honeyford K, Cooke GS, Kinderlerer A, Williamson E, Gilchrist M, Holmes A, Sepsis Big Room, Glampson B, Mulla A, Costelloe C 01/02/2020
Human genetics of meningococcal infections. Human Genetics Journal Article, Review Hodeib S, Herberg JA, Levin M, Sancho-Shimizu V 17/02/2020
Humanitarian catastrophe for civilians in northwest Syria BMJ: British Medical Journal Editorial Material, Editorial, Journal Abbara A, Rayes D, Khalil M, Kewara M, Tarakji A 06/02/2020
Identification of the main glutamine and glutamate transporters in Staphylococcus aureus and their impact on c-di-AMP production Molecular Microbiology Article, Early Access, Journal Zeden MS, Kviatkovski I, Schuster CF, Thomas VC, Fey PD, Grundling A 11/02/2020
Interventions to reduce acute hepatitis C virus in HIV-positive MSM. Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases Elliott T, Cooke GS, Garvey L 02/2020
Nurses as a source of system-level resilience: Secondary analysis of qualitative data from a study of intravenous infusion safety in English hospitals. International Journal of Nursing Studies Journal Article Vos J, Franklin BD, Chumbley G, Galal-Edeen GH, Furniss D, Blandford A 02/2020
Pharmacokinetics of once-daily doravirine over 72 h following drug cessation. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Journal Article Wang X, Milinkovic A, Pereira B, Moyle G, Fedele S, Thomas L, Yener D, Connolly S, McClure M, Boffito M 21/02/2020
Respiratory Viral Infection Alters the Gut Microbiota by Inducing Inappetence. mBio Journal Article Groves HT, Higham SL, Moffatt MF, Cox MJ, Tregoning JS 18/02/2020
Risk perception of the antimicrobial resistance by infection control specialists in Europe: a case-vignette study. Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control Journal Article Birgand G, Mutters NT, Ahmad R, Tacconelli E, Lucet J-C, Holmes A, Percept-R Study Group 14/02/2020
Sensitivity of shotgun metagenomics to host DNA: abundance estimates depend on bioinformatic tools and contamination is the main issue Access Microbiology McArdle A, Kaforou M 17/02/2020
Structural basis of second-generation HIV integrase inhibitor action and viral resistance. Science Journal Article Cook NJ, Li W, Berta D, Badaoui M, Ballandras-Colas A, Nans A, Kotecha A, Rosta E, Engelman AN, Cherepanov P 14/02/2020
Ten Simple Rules to becoming a principal investigator. PLoS Computational Biology Editorial Tregoning JS, McDermott JE 20/02/2020
The Immunopathogenesis of Tuberculous Pericarditis. Microbes and Infection: a journal on infectious agents and host defenses Journal Article, Review Howlett P, Du Bruyn E, Morrison H, Godsent IC, Wilkinson KA, Ntsekhe M, Wilkinson RJ 21/02/2020
The Orphan Immune Receptor LILRB3 Modulates Fc Receptor-Mediated Functions of Neutrophils Journal of Immunology Article, Journal Zhao Y, van Woudenbergh E, Zhu J, Heck AJR, van Kessel KPM, de Haas CJC, Aerts PC, van Strijp JAG, McCarthy AJ 15/02/2020
Tuberculosis, HIV, and viral hepatitis diagnostics in eastern Europe and central Asia: high time for integrated and people-centred services. Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal Article, Review Dara M, Ehsani S, Mozalevskis A, Vovc E, Simões D, Avellon Calvo A, Casabona I Barbarà J, Chokoshvili O, Felker I, Hoffner S, Kalmambetova G, Noroc E, Shubladze N, Skrahina A, Tahirli R, Tsertsvadze T, Drobniewski F 01/02/2020
What do the Universal Test and Treat trials tell us about the path to HIV epidemic control? Journal of the International AIDS Society Journal Article Havlir D, Lockman S, Ayles H, Larmarange J, Chamie G, Gaolathe T, Iwuji C, Fidler S, Kamya M, Floyd S, Moore J, Hayes R, Petersen M, Dabis F, (Universal Test, Treat Trials) UT3 Consortium 24/02/2020

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To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a fortnightly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

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