Funding successes: October 2021

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Congratulations to all members of the Department who have recently been awarded research grants. Here is our round-up of the latest funding successes.

Please note, this list comprises awards that have recently been set up on College’s grants management system, with some manual additions. It may not, therefore, include all new grants awarded to Principal Investigators in the Department.



Principle Investigator Fellow/Student Group Funder Funding scheme Proposal title  Award amount (£) 
Dr Helen Payne Paediatric Infectious Disease The Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers Prevalence of cytomeglaovirus and Epstein Barr virus and associated immune-activation and inflammation in adolescents with perinatally-acquired HIV. 30,000
Professor Graham Taylor Adine Adonis Clinical Virology National Institute for Health Research HEE/NIHR ICA Programme Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship Round 3 2020 NIHR PCAF  – Adine Adonis 33,403
Professor Mike Levin Paediatric Infectious Disease National Institutes of Health Exploratory/Developmental Phased Award PreVAIL: Diagnosing and predicting risk in children with SARS-CoV-2- related illness 186,207
Dr Goedele Maertens Molecular Virology Medical Research Council (MRC) Infections and Immunity Board (IIB) – Research Grant Defining the roles of PP2A B56 isoforms in HTLV-1 infection 535,602
Professor Rosemary Boyton Adult Infectious Disease Medical Research Council (MRC) Investigate SARS-CoV-2 vaccine responses and immune failure The Durability of immune Responses to vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and its Variants. 787,642*
Professor Paul Freemont Emmanuel Lorenzo de los Santos Structural and Synthetic Biology UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship Developing a pipeline to generate chemical diversity from microbial specialized metabolism 1,275,117
Professor Paul Langford Paediatric Infectious Disease Ceva Animal Health Ltd PERP-ID-Point of care diagnostic for lung pathogens of pigs 30,000
Dr Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano Adult Infectious Disease Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation DragonFly – a frugal, rapid, and sustainable point-of-care colorimetric solution for multi-pathogen detection 44,800
Dr Jesus Rodriguez-Manzano Kenny Malpartida Cardenas Adult Infectious Disease The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Doctoral Prize Fellowship Enhanced nucleic acid amplification for next generation of paper-based diagnostics 67,020


*Includes sub-projects



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