Funding successes: February 2022

Queen's Tower, Imperial College London

Congratulations to all members of the Department who have recently been awarded research grants. Here is our round-up of the latest funding successes.

Please note, this list comprises awards that have recently been set up on College’s grants management system, with some manual additions. It may not, therefore, include all new grants awarded to Principal Investigators in the Department.


Principal Investigator Fellow/Student Group Sponsor Funding Scheme Proposal Title Awarded Amount (£)
Dr Jesus Rodriguez Manzano Kenny Malpartida Cardenas Adult Infectious Disease Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship Scheme Enhanced nucleic acid amplification for next generation of paper-based diagnostics 67,020
Dr Jesus Rodriguez Manzano Louis Kreitmann Adult Infectious Disease bioMérieux Industry funding Artificial intelligence-enabled curve analysis solutions to improve target detection and quantification in multiplex PCR-based diagnostic assays in clinical microbiology 324,500
Dr Fadil Bidmos Paediatric Infectious Disease Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding Project Award (Infection and AMR Theme) Identification of functional anti-gonococcal hmAbs and cognate antigens for effective preventative and post-infection immunotherapies 64,880
Dr Carolina Herrera Infection and Immunity Karolinska Institute Research Grants Open call 2019 (Development Research) – Research Project Grant – MRC Sweden Adverse effects of pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV on mucosal immunology in male adolescents 52,104


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