Latest publications: April 2022

Hammersmith Hospital

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
A new diagnosis of monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis with cytoplasmic inclusions in a patient with COVID-19. American Journal of Hematology Journal Article Lanza L, Koroveshi B, Barducchi F, Lorenzo A, Venturino E, Cappelli E, Lillo F, Bain BJ 26/04/2022
A Single-Arm, Long-Term Efficacy and Safety Study of Subcutaneous Romiplostim in Children with Immune Thrombocytopenia. Blood Adv Journal Article Grainger J, Bussel JB, Tarantino MD, Cooper N, Beam D, Despotovic JM, Maschan A, Wang K, Eisen M, Bowers C 12/04/2022
Autoantibodies in COVID-19 correlate with antiviral humoral responses and distinct immune signatures Allergy Article, Early Access, Journal Taeschler P, Cervia C, Zurbuchen Y, Hasler S, Pou C, Tan Z, Adamo S, Raeber ME, Bachli E, Rudiger A, Stussi-Helbling M, Huber LC, Brodin P, Nilsson J, Probst-Muller E, Boyman O 08/04/2022
Autoimmune disease and COVID-19- a multicentre observational study in the United Kingdom. Rheumatology Journal Article Arachchillage DJ, Rajakaruna I, Pericleous C, Nicolson PLR, Makris M, Laffan M, CA-COVID-19 study group 04/04/2022
Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. American Journal of Hematology Journal Article Hopkins D, Smyth D, Leach M, Bain BJ 20/04/2022
Comparison of vaccine effectiveness against the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant in haemodialysis patients. Kidney International Reports Journal Article Spensley KJ, Gleeson S, Martin P, Thomson T, Clarke CL, Pickard G, Thomas D, McAdoo SP, Randell P, Kelleher P, Bedi R, Lightstone L, Prendecki M, Willicombe M 13/04/2022
COVID-19 vaccine-induced antibody responses in immunosuppressed patients with inflammatory bowel disease (VIP): a multicentre, prospective, case-control study. The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Journal Article, Multicenter Study, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Alexander JL, Kennedy NA, Ibraheim H, Anandabaskaran S, Saifuddin A, Castro Seoane R, Liu Z, Nice R, Bewshea C, D’Mello A, Constable L, Jones GR, Balarajah S, Fiorentino F, Sebastian S, Irving PM, Hicks LC, Williams HRT, Kent AJ, Linger R, Parkes M, Kok K, Patel KV, Teare JP, Altmann DM, Boyton RJ, Goodhand JR, Hart AL, Lees CW, Ahmad T, Powell N, VIP study investigators 2022-04
Genetic Landscape of the ACE2 Coronavirus Receptor. Circulation Journal Article Yang Z, MacDonald-Dunlop E, Chen J, Zhai R, Li T, Richmond A, Klaric L, Pirastu N, Ning Z, Zheng C, Wang Y, Huang T, He Y, Guo H, Ying K, Gustafsson S, Prins B, Ramisch A, Dermitzakis ET, Png G, Eriksson N, Haessler J, Hu X, Zanetti D, Boutin T, Hwang S-J, Wheeler E, Pietzner M, Raffield LM, Kalnapenkis A, Peters JE, Viñuela A, Gilly A, Elmståhl S, Dedoussis G, Petrie JR, Polašek O, Folkersen L, Chen Y, Yao C, Võsa U, Pairo-Castineira E, Clohisey S, Bretherick AD, Rawlik K, Esko T, Enroth S, Johansson Å, Gyllensten U, Langenberg C, Levy D, Hayward C, Assimes TL, Kooperberg C, Manichaikul AW, Siegbahn A, Wallentin L, Lind L, Zeggini E, Schwenk JM, Butterworth AS, Michaëlsson K, Pawitan Y, Joshi PK, Baillie JK, Mälarstig A, Reiner AP, Wilson JF, Shen X, GenOMICC Consortium and the IMI-DIRECT Consortium 07/04/2022
Ixazomib with cyclophosphamide and dexamethasone in relapsed or refractory myeloma: MUKeight phase II randomised controlled trial results Blood Cancer Journal Article, Journal Auner HW, Brown SR, Walker K, Kendall J, Dawkins B, Meads D, Morgan GJ, Kaiser MF, Cook M, Roberts S, Parrish C, Cook G 01/04/2022
Outcomes After Donor Lymphocyte Infusion in Patients With Hematological Malignancies: Donor Characteristics Matter. Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Journal Article Ros-Soto J, Snowden JA, Szydlo R, Nicholson E, Madrigal A, Easdale S, Potter M, Ethell M, Anthias C 2022-04
Rilzabrutinib, an Oral BTK Inhibitor, in Immune Thrombocytopenia. New England Journal of Medicine Clinical Trial, Phase I, Clinical Trial, Phase II, Journal Article Kuter DJ, Efraim M, Mayer J, Trněný M, McDonald V, Bird R, Regenbogen T, Garg M, Kaplan Z, Tzvetkov N, Choi PY, Jansen AJG, Kostal M, Baker R, Gumulec J, Lee E-J, Cunningham I, Goncalves I, Warner M, Boccia R, Gernsheimer T, Ghanima W, Bandman O, Burns R, Neale A, Thomas D, Arora P, Zheng B, Cooper N 14/04/2022
Should we be clinically assessing antibody responses to covid vaccines in immunocompromised people? BMJ: British Medical Journal Journal Article Willicombe M, Scanlon M, Loud F, Lightstone L 12/04/2022
Studying severe long COVID to understand post-infectious disorders beyond COVID-19 Nature Medicine Letter, Early Access, Journal Brodin P, Casari G, Townsend L, O’Farrelly C, Tancevski I, Loeffler-Ragg J, Mogensen TH, Casanova JL 05/04/2022
The GPIbα intracellular tail – role in transducing VWF- and collagen/GPVI-mediated signaling. Haematologica: the hematology journal Journal Article Constantinescu-Bercu A, Wang YA, Woollard KJ, Mangin P, Vanhoorelbeke K, Crawley JTB, Salles-Crawley II 01/04/2022
Use of Glomerular CD68+ Cells as a Surrogate Marker for Endocapillary Hypercellularity in Lupus Nephritis. Kidney International Reports Journal Article Bos EMJ, Sangle SR, Wilhelmus S, Wolterbeek R, Jordan N, D’Cruz D, Isenberg D, Cook HT, Bruijn JA, Bajema IM 2022-04
Variant histology in nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma in an adult population: disease investigations and characteristics from a retrospective cohort. Journal of Clinical Pathology Journal Article Stacey A, Marks AJ, Naresh KN 28/04/2022
Voxelotor in sickle cell disease American Journal of Hematology Editorial Material, Early Access, Editorial material, Journal Bain BJ, Myburgh J, Hann A, Layton DM 08/04/2022