Funding successes: February and March 2024

Hammersmith Hospital

Congratulations to all members of the Department who have recently been awarded research grants. Here is our round-up of the latest funding successes.

Please note, this list comprises awards that have recently been set up on College’s grants management system, with some manual additions. It may not, therefore, include all new grants awarded to Principal Investigators in the Department.

Project Lead Funder  Scheme Project Title Amount
Deena Iskander DBA UK and the US DBA Foundation General Funding Exploring disease mechanisms in Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) £65,100
Josefin Ahnstroem AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP General Funding Assessing the impact of Andexanet Alfa on the TFPI pathway £134,600
Nichola Cooper BHF British Heart Foundation PhD Studentships Exploring the cause of thrombosis in immune thrombocytopenia £141,300
Leticia Monin Aldama The Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard Round 9 Understanding and rewiring gd TCR-epithelial interactions for gut-targeted immunotherapies £125,000
Nichola Cooper Novartis Pharma Ag NIHR Doctoral Fellowship Round 10 Investigating the prognostic and predictive value of cellular drivers of autoimmunity in patients with ITP who have received B-cell depleting therapies £200,000
Niklas Feldhahn Blood Cancer UK BCUK Innovative Pilot Grants Targeted proteasomal degradation of transcription factors for functional investigation and therapeutic intervention £28,300