Funding successes: October 2018

A round-up of recent funding successes in the Department of Medicine.

Group name Principal Investigator Student Funder Scheme Awarded amount (£)
Renal Medicine Dr Michelle Willicombe National Institute for Health Research NIHR Health Technology Assessment 1,267,127
Investigative Medicine Professor Gary Frost Quadram Institute Bioscience 860,225
Paediatrics Professor Paul Langford Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council 411,183
Diabetes Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine Professor Nick Oliver DNANUDGE LIMITED Industry 159,728
Paediatrics Professor Neena Modi James Webbe Mason Medical Research Foundation Mason Research Fellowship 60,000
Molecular Immunology Professor Danny Altmann University College Dublin Wellcome Trust Innovator Award 24,478
Infectious Diseases Professor Alan Winston Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust 16,513
Infectious Diseases & Immunity Professor Francis Drobniewski Commission of the European Communities SC1-BHC-21-2018: Research on HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and/or hepatitis C (HCV) in patients with mono-, co-infections and/or comorbidities in the context of fostering collaboration with the Russian Federation 239,725*
Neurodegeneration & Neuroinflammation Professor Paolo Muraro National Institute for Health Research / University of Sheffield 617,068†

* Total award value including partners: €2,900,000

† Total award value including partners: £2,504,100

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