PhD Travel Award winner attends top endocrinology conference

Anastasia Dimakopoulou
Anastasia Dimakopoulou

Anastasia Dimakopoulou, one of the latest recipients of the Department of Medicine’s PhD Travel Awards, shares her experience of attending last month’s Endocrine Society Annual Meeting & Expo in New Orleans, USA. 

Attendance at ENDO 2019 gave me the opportunity to present my research findings and network with other researchers on male reproductive health. Male infertility is increasingly viewed as a marker of general male health. The study titled ‘Elevated Semen Oxidative Stress in Male Partners as Novel Marker of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss’ was presented on 23 March at the reproductive health news conference. Dr Channa Jayasena and I introduced our work to the journalists invited by ENDO media. On 24 March, I presented our research at the scientific session on Male gonadal function. The audience expressed interest in our work. Colleagues as well as journalists asked additional questions and acknowledged our contribution to the field of male reproductive health.

New data connecting semen quality, reproductive function and conditions such as the metabolic syndrome and hypogonadism were presented during oral sessions or poster presentations at ENDO 2019. I attended oral presentations on ‘Evaluation of the infertile couple’, ‘Calorie restriction and fasting for weight loss’, ‘Kisspeptin – a novel clinical test of hypothalamic function in men with hypogonadism’, ‘Beneficial effect on sperm production of Leflutrozole in men with obesity-associated hypogonadism’ and guided posters on reproductive endocrinology.

ENDO 2019 was an amazing conference with inspirational speakers that focused on science, endocrinology and metabolism and all the latest developments in the field.

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