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Happy new year!!! Welcome 2015!!! Finally you’re here!

Hi Everyone!

Finally 2015 is here! What a dreadful year for the airline industry 2014 has been. Hope that 2015 will be a year filled with happiness. More photos from my memorable days in London.

One for the album with England’s greatest!
I always admired this guy as a kid! E=mc^2!!!
My James Bond! I loved his Scottish accent.
At the great Madame Tussauds! I’ve always wanted to visit this place… Finally!
My pop icon when I was a kid. What a legend!



































O level results are expected to be released on 12 Jan 2015. For those of you who will get good results, good luck with your future academic path! For those who do not get the expected results, do not despair. Just Penciltutor your O levels! Check out these videos on Youtube!

More photos in my next post!

Ciao Ciao!


MPC10 Submitted!!!

Finally submitted my thesis! Every time I read it there is something that I’m not happy with and I keep editing it again and again… Aaaarrrggh! Ok call me Mr perfectionist but I think I have submitted a quality piece of research… Well at the end of the day, I think that’s what matters. You know it just seems like yesterday that we had the welcome dinner at 170 Queensgate in the Solar room at South Kensington, but its been a year now… Wow!


Here are some photos from last year’s welcome dinner.





















I won’t be going for this year’s farewell dinner (*sighs) but hey this course has been amazing and I’m glad I’ve made long lasting friendships at Imperial   Finally after 8 years overseas I also get to celebrate Deepavali (or Diwali) with my family here in Singapore this year…. This is a shot of Diwali celebrations in London.









Alright then…I will be backwith more photos soon…Cheers!

Imperial College student experience

Hi Everyone!,

Guess what? I just finished the second draft of my 8000 word Masters thesis…. Phew!!!

Managed to squeeeeezzzzeeee some time so I’m back to blogging.

Below are pictures of the 2013 Christmas lunch and I’ll post more pictures soon.

Also, please check out the new tuition website of the school at

Christmas 2013 Lunch
Christmas 2013 Lunch
An amazing Christmas lunch at a breathtaking hall.
An amazing Christmas lunch at a breathtaking hall.
Anna the power administrator without whom this wonderful Imperial experience wouldn't have been possible
Anna the power administrator without whom this wonderful Imperial experience wouldn’t have been possible

The new JBS3 online calculator

Unlike the JBS1 (The first Joint British Societies’ guidelines), the JBS2 recognised the ‘multi-factorial’ nature of CVD. Moving forward, the most recent third Joint British Societies’ (JBS3) guidelines have been designed to include people who have a high lifetime CVD event risk despite having a low 10-year risk of CVD.

The JBS3 points out that the primary aim of the guidelines is to serve as a tool which will help in discussing CVD risks with the patient. With a majority of CVD events occurring in ‘intermediate risk groups’, the JBS3 argues that lowering the threshold for pharmacological intervention will enable more people to benefit from CVD prevention treatments.

Please access the JBS3 calculator here to check your 10-year risk of a CVD and your lifetime risks.


Hello to Imperial College London!!!

Hi Everyone! It’s been ages and I never seem to have the time to blog. I just realised that I got this blog on 25 Nov 2013 but I have not posted anything yet. I’m busy doing my essays for my preventive cardiology course and I’m also running “PENCILTUTOR”, a private O level school in Singapore ( REMOTELY!!! Feel free to check out the school. I usually blog on the school’s blog once in a very rare while ( but I’m starting this new blog here!!! Feel free to add a comment… Cheers!