Month: August 2011

Electrifying Villages by Anthony Kaiser

Some people may ask why we should bring electricity to isolated villages. How will they use it? Do they even have electrical appliances? Well, we went to see how electricity has impacted the lives of the villagers in of Nyamyunba, close to Gisenyi in northern Rwanda and we found some unexpected results.

Electricity was used in most places we thought about. It greatly helped the local administration which now uses computers and internet saving hours of write machine and days of posted mails. It is also used at the local school allowing night classes as well as in the nearby health centre.

Site assessment no.1

I decided to describe our site assessments in the next couple of posts as we’ve done some already and we’re going to do a couple in the next days. I’m really excited about them as we get to see rural Rwanda in different parts of the country. They are very interesting especially as some of the places are high in the mountains, on the fields or even in the jungle.

Afterwards we went to Ruhengeri, which is a relatively big city in the north of Rwanda and it’s really close to the volcano national park. Hence, we’ve seen some of the volcanoes.

From Rwanda with love!

Hi everyone!

Richard and I arrived in Rwanda 3 weeks ago and now as we’ve got access to the blog we’re intending to blog about our experiences here. Hopefully, you’ll find our posts interesting and we’ll be able to familiarize you with East Africa at least a bit.

Although the trip was long, our excitement about the trip overcame the tiredness so we were ready to walk around Kigali and sort out the most important issues. We met some of DHE members in the Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel and while waiting for the rest of their team to arrive we’d started our search for a house.

Summer 2011

This year we’ve decided to start blogging about e.quinox trips. As we’ve just been granted an access to the blog, we want to update you on all things that happened so far and then we’ll keep you up to date. As you may know already from our about page we’re dealing with rural electrification in Rwanda.

Having 3 energy kiosks in Rwanda already, our plans for this summer include implementing 2 new kiosk – one in UN Habitat refugee camp in Rwanda and one by the school in a Tanzanian village. We’ve also started collaboration with Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering from Dartmouth College (US) on hydro energy kiosks.